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ILTM SPA 2014 Defines Its Audience

In the lead up to ILTM Spa 2014, organiser Reed Travel Exhibitions has revealed the results of research undertaken among its network of luxury wellness holidays, world renowned spas and specialist spa and wellness buyers.

Spas across Asia continue… Continue reading

Glamping at The Ranch at Rock Creek

Reporting on travel has never been a “tough” job. Most of my time is spent in spas, which are usually luxurious and relaxing. So when the subject of glamping came up, I have always been a bit hesitant. So why… Continue reading

On the Other Side — A Journey Into Historic Benidorm

With a reputation for fun on the sand, beachfront restaurants and some of the world’s best retail therapy, you can be forgiven for forgetting that Benidorm was here long before the tourists discovered it!

From its roots as a fishing… Continue reading

Breaking Barriers – No Matter How Big or Small

Have you ever done something you never thought you could do? Was it planned or unexpected? Each of us have had to do things that we necessarily did not want to or plan to – but yet we still completed… Continue reading

Blame It on …… Amsterdam

Blame it on “The Fault in Our Stars,” the new rom-com-dram (not sure if that’s an actual film category, but I’m running with it) about two teenagers with cancer who take an exciting trip to Amsterdam. Or possibly my tour… Continue reading

Does Your Hair Color Fade – Prevent It with Color Assure #ColorAssure

This is a sponsored post for Nexxus through Condé Nast, but I am being honest and my opinions are true!

There is nothing a gal that colors her hair hates worse than when you get that perfect color and then… Continue reading

Wondertini Wednesdays – The Marilyn Monroe Spa

Yes we all love hump day with or without a camel.  It is a hot topic anywhere from the office place water cooler to the high school classroom. Well there is one high school that brought in an actual… Continue reading

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