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Spa, Travel and Skincare Experiences are Not a Luxury, but Essential for a Healthy Body and Mind.

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Do you need a Derma Roller? Discover Micro-Needling at Home!

Do you need a Derma Roller? I was not sure until I tried one myself for a few weeks. I was amazed at the tone improvements in my skin as well as some reviewed vibrance; possibly due to… Continue reading

Wellness Travel – Kick Start Your Goals On The Road

Are you a travel lover like me? Goals are hard to hold on to as our adventures keep us busy. Would you like to kick-start 2015 goals while on the road? Wellness travel grew four times more than expected in… Continue reading

Everyone’s Must Do Puerto Rico List

This post brought to you by Puerto Rico, The All-Star Island. The content and opinions expressed below are that of

Puerto Rico is a 5-star vacation destination filled with tons of world-class activities and attractions. Whether you’re a… Continue reading

Get Your Beauty Sleep

There are many basic beauty tips: stay out of the sun, drink water etc., but none is more important than “get a good night’s sleep”.  Getting one’s Beauty Sleep is not a fable, but a fact!  I… Continue reading

5 Most Popular Tourist Destinations

Tourists and avid travellers never stop exploring new lands and countries. Some destinations are visited only by the most reckless travelers, while other places are always crowded with tourists. Let’s recall what tourist destinations were the most popular in 2014.… Continue reading

Lash Extensions vs. Waterproof Mascara

Recently I have been thinking a lot about mascara. With lash extensions gaining popularity, I have started to wonder if this is something one really needs to not only spend hundreds of dollars to obtain – but possibly risk their… Continue reading

Experience New Zealand On Wheels

Sharp mountain peaks and varied topography of New Zealand will provide you with an immense desire to explore and devour the beauty and serenity of this land and of course their luxury hotels and spas. The best way to witness… Continue reading

A Barcelona Spa Vacation with a View

The article must be tailored towards Barcelona and perhaps that as a Spa destination. Additionally that apart from visiting a Barcelona spa, staying in Barcelona is best in a holiday accommodation like Housetrip.  

Barcelona has been calling my name… Continue reading

How to feel like YOU own your own Luxury Yacht

Sailing off on your own luxury yacht is the dream of many individuals. Yet, when expenses like yacht insurance and more are factored in many feel it may not be the best use of their capital. There is a way… Continue reading

Healing at the Top of Carnival’s Breeze

Welcome to my guest writer today Maria Lisella @MLJourneys

The Carnival’s third Dream class ship, the Breeze was born in 2012; it sleeps 3,690 passengers, and was tagged as “boisterous” to quote a Cruise Critic report. I stepped aboard… Continue reading


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