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Spring Beauty Reviews

Photo Credit: Ava Roxanne Stritt (taken while dancing)

Pitbull Perfume

New to the market is a great new perfume for women and cologne for men by music artist Armando Christian Perez aka Pitbull in collaboration with Parlux called Pitbull.

Before… Continue reading

The Centre for Well-Being – A Luxury Scottsdale Spa at The Phoenician

Well I have thought a lot about where to take you next for your virtual ride-along #ScottsdaleInvasion.  Somehow chronologically just did not feel right when I knew you were all waiting for me to break out into a… Continue reading

Travel Blogging for Beginners

If you’re an avid fan of travelling, you would know that there is one thing that ALL travellers like doing. That’s sharing their stories. A lot of lessons are learned from striding off the beaten path, and while they are… Continue reading

The Samsara Spa on the Costa Luminosa Will Change the Way You Look at the Ocean

We all know there’s something serenely calming about the ocean. It’s the rhythm of the waves, the way the whole big blue skin seems to be breathing, the movement perpetual but never really going anywhere. It’s very Zen. And then… Continue reading

Remarkable Female Pioneers

Christopher Columbus, Charles Darwin, Marco Polo, Chris Hadfield… Typically, when we think of historic explorers and trailblazers, it’s easy to think of men. When I came across this infographic momondo created, I thought about female pioneers – the… Continue reading

The Benefits of a Luxury Villa

When one dreams of the thought of staying in a luxury villa during a vacation, they usually think they are going to wake up and the dream will be gone. Well the time has come to live the dream. … Continue reading

Stuff Spa Gals Need to Know

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