This CBD Muscle Cream WORKS!

This new line of CBD-infused products from a Boulder, Colorado-based full-service hemp extraction lab (founded in 2016 by combat veteran, Craig Henderson) called Extract Labs, and I wanted to test it out for you. I can say that my shoulder and arm just love it.  Take...

The Natural Beauty of Taiwan

Taiwan is full of many natural wonders that are so beautiful which everyone should have Taiwan on their travel bucket list. Let’s discover together the natural beauty of Taiwan. #taiwantourism This post was sponsored by Taiwan. What Mountains Should I Visit in Taiwan...

CheapOAir “Go Ahead Be Cheap”

Do you know about Well when I heard about their  “Go Ahead, be Cheap” campaign, I felt like they were talking to me! CheapOair is an online travel agency, based in New York city but does business all over the world. Isn’t all over the world where we...

Discover These 5 Amazing Denim Jeans Hacks

Everybody loves a good pair of denim jeans, don’t they? It’s hard to imagine someone going an entire year without wearing these versatile, comfortable, and stylish pants at least once! However, as great as jeans can be, there’s always some room for improvement. There...

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