Perfectly Pink Affordable Destination Weddings

Destinations weddings are the most simple, affordable way to have your dream wedding. Destination weddings put everything in one place for the bride and their wedding party – the ceremony, the venue, the cake, the food, the drinks, the reception and all of your...

Drinking Water Tests for Travelers

International travelers are often warned to stay away from the tap water when visiting a foreign country. Even if you are traveling in the United States, coming across unsafe drinking water is still a real possibility. Contaminated drinking water can quickly ruin a...

The Advantages of Buying Shoes Online

Online shopping has become popular in almost every other industry. In the female apparel and fashion industry, the advantages of online shopping are much more profound. Prices First, online shops generally offer more affordable prices than the typical brick and mortar...

6 European Cities to Explore This Year

With so many fantastic European cities to explore Travelocity ask me to help their readers whittle it down to just a few you must explore this year. This can be a hard job to do, but take a look at some amazing picks. One could really just throw a dart at a map of...

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