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Pamper Yourself: How You Can Have the Perfect At-Home Spa Day

You may be missing your spa days lately, or struggling to find a salon treatment that suits you. The truth is that you can have a spa day at home by doing it yourself. Taking some time for some self-care and pampering is a great idea, and you are in charge. You can...

Visiting Somewhere New? 5 Things To Do In A New Environment

Visiting new places is honestly one of the best experiences you can encounter in your life. Granted, we are currently living in uncertain times, so instead of flying abroad, you may prefer to visit somewhere in your country. There are places you have never seen, which...

Dreaming of Your Next Luxury Getaway

The world may have come to an almost complete stop in the last few weeks but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use this time to think about your next luxury getaway. Holiday planning is always a lot of fun and even if you can’t book anything yet, you can certainly...

Planning Your Next Trip? Steps To Turn Daydreams Into Reality

Many of us have put vacations on hold, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to future trips. If you’re using your time at home to conjure up ideas of exotic adventures, here are some steps to take to turn your daydreams into reality. Choosing a location The...
Healthy and Fun Recipes for Working from Home

Healthy and Fun Recipes for Working from Home

Who wants healthy and fun recipes for working from home? I do! With everyone working from home, I thought I would reach out to YO1 Wellness Resort and Spa in the Catskills, NY to see how we can make some healthy drinks to keep us going from their YO1 Juice Bar....

Los Angeles Things to Do

Los Angeles Things to Do

Los Angeles is a dynamic and constantly moving destination that everyone must visit at least once. Everything thrives here and everyone is welcomed to this diverse city. L.A. has more than 30 neighborhoods rich with culture. While most only think about the 75 miles of...

Secret Things to Do in Reno

Secret Things to Do in Reno

Where the largest alpine lake collides with the Biggest Little City in the World - that is Reno. Many think that all there is to do there is spin the wheel to gamble, but win or lose there is tons of other things to do around town. I explored the region this past...

Yes You Can Still Travel to Cuba in 2020

Yes You Can Still Travel to Cuba in 2020

I somehow missed out on the bandwagon in the past few years to travel to Cuba. I guess I was too busy exploring the rest of the world to realize what lies just below the US to be such a gem for cultural travel. AND yes I know you have this question about Cuba AND Yes...

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