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A Radical New Approach to Clean Beauty

By Aimee Heckel Between quarantine and limited social interactions this year, I have grown lazy about my appearance. Why would I change my yoga pants and put on mascara if I was barely going to leave the house for 46 days? Plus 46 days. Plus 46 days. (Will this ever...

Top Places you Need to See in the US Before you Die

If you have never visited the US, then you should know that there are so many places to see. From the Grand Canyon to the Golden Gate Bridge and even Times Square. If you want to find out more, then simply take a look below. Enjoy Top Places you Need to See in the US...

USA Travel – Some Of The Underestimated States In The USA Worthy Of Adding To Your Travel List

The US is bound to be on your bucket list in some way, as so many people love the idea of travelling to the states. With Fifty states to choose from, you are in no doubt going to have some of the most popular locations there ready to explore in the near or not so...

What’s Stopping You From Travelling More Often? Time to Travel

Taking the time to travel around the world should be something that everyone has the opportunity to get their fill of. However, there are many who might be reading this who are thinking “well, I would love, but…” and you can fill in the blank with a plethora of...
Dreaming of Your Next Luxury Getaway

Dreaming of Your Next Luxury Getaway

The world may have come to an almost complete stop in the last few weeks but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use this time to think about your next luxury getaway. Holiday planning is always a lot of fun and even if you can’t book anything yet, you can certainly...

Free Yourself with a Hike in Tucson

Free Yourself with a Hike in Tucson

Many of you know that I have visited Tucson a few times in the past few years, but do you know it is not only for the luxury spas? It is for something you might not expect from a luxury loving gal, but it is all the opportunities to hike there are in the Tucson area!...

Healthy and Fun Recipes for Working from Home

Healthy and Fun Recipes for Working from Home

Who wants healthy and fun recipes for working from home? I do! With everyone working from home, I thought I would reach out to YO1 Wellness Resort and Spa in the Catskills, NY to see how we can make some healthy drinks to keep us going from their YO1 Juice Bar....

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