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The Grand Canyon in One Day Secret

This article about the Grand Canyon was written in partnership with Recently, due to my travel logistics I had to plan a one day trip to the Grand Canyon. Yes the Grand Canyon in One Day is possible! I was not sure if it could be done, but found out that...

The Phoenician Scottsdale and The Phoenician Spa

Some names just fit. Take the Phoenician Scottsdale, a luxurious spa resort in Arizona. Like the mythical legend of the phoenix, you are a different, transformed person after you leave this magical place. And also like the legendary phoenix, this is the kind of place...

Let VIP Traveler Be Your MUSE

With our desire to travel growing more and more everyday, one may say we do not need a muse to be our inspiration. BUT,  I just discovered VIP Traveler and now realize we all need such a personified force to be our source of travel inspiration. One big difference with...

New Sweetgrass Inn & Spa at Wild Dunes

They say a good life is a collection of happy moments. And you can make a great life with happy moment after happy moment at the newest luxury hotel Sweetgrass Inn in Isle of Palms, South Carolina. I recently visited the Sweetgrass Inn at Wild Dunes Resort with my...
15 Unique Ways to Explore the World

15 Unique Ways to Explore the World

Now that international travel restrictions are soon to be eased, you can finally plan the adventure you’ve always wanted to check off your bucket list. Why not try something a little different this time? There are plenty of cool ways to explore your chosen...

Best 3 Days in the Berkshires

Best 3 Days in the Berkshires

This post was inspired at the request of, but all thoughts are my own. After seeing a few daffodils sprout up from the hardened winter’s ground yesterday, my thoughts turned to exploring again. Lately I have been taking a look at all the places in the...

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