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The Ultimate, Luxurious Way to Discover Alsace France – a French Canal Cruise

The Ultimate, Luxurious Way to Discover Alsace France  - A French Canal Cruise - Touring the Alsace Region Onboard Le Nouvelle Etoile - My Most Luxurious Journey Yet By: Ava Roxanne Stritt @SpaTravelGal . Enjoy this article about my French canal cruise written by Ava...

Things I Have Learned about Sono Bello

The past year I have received a ton of cosmetic procedures, so you know I have my opinions on many types of medical spa treatments. Also I am always researching all the options out there. Recently while I was actually looking up some new types of cool facials, I ran...

Tips to Deter Identity Theft While Traveling

Thank you for sponsoring this post.’s team understands that a credit score is not just a number; it's a lifestyle. Would you enjoy a partner that travels along with you and watches over you to make sure no one steals your identity as...

Peace-of-Mind Through VisitorsCoverage

Thank you VisitorsCoverage for sponsoring this post. VisitorsCoverage gives you peace of mind while traveling. Today is packing day and my mind is whirling. What should I wear while in France and what should I make sure I have in my purse to keep my trip on- course....

Hilton Head Island with Vacasa

When one thinks of island life it is always laidback and Hilton Head island in South Carolina holds up to that mantra. Laidback luxury is one of the numbers one traits for life here. No other island has made me feel like I could live there …. permanently. What a great...

Camper Cabins: Camping Without the Hassle

So you want to go camping, but you don’t want to wake up with a rock jammed in your back with condensation dripping off the top of your tent. You want to immerse yourself in nature, to truly sense the peace of solitude and the power of the trees, in a deeper way than...

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