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Why You Should Love Dove Mountain

Why You Should Love Tucson? Well my number one answer is because Dove Mountain is there! Head to Tucson after finding the perfect hotel at and you are only a short drive or Uber to one of my all time favorite places in the world. I love it so much that I...

More Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf Service Cars in 2020 to Celebrate 30 Years

The most luxurious train service in the world is celebrating a big birthday this year. In 2020, Rocky Mountaineer is celebrating 30 years of being a leading travel experience in Canada. If you don’t correlate trains with a luxury, scenic vacation, it’s time to rewrite...

Los Angeles Things to Do

Los Angeles is a dynamic and constantly moving destination that everyone must visit at least once. Everything thrives here and everyone is welcomed to this diverse city. L.A. has more than 30 neighborhoods rich with culture. While most only think about the 75 miles of...

Secret Things to Do in Reno

Where the largest alpine lake collides with the Biggest Little City in the World - that is Reno. Many think that all there is to do there is spin the wheel to gamble, but win or lose there is tons of other things to do around town. I explored the region this past...
How to Plan a Lowcountry Getaway

How to Plan a Lowcountry Getaway

When was the last time you got together with all your girlfriends and had a night out or a Lowcountry getaway just the 4 of you? With everyone getting into their careers and families growing, female friendships often take a back seat with other priorities that we...

Bucket List Experiences for Wellness Warriors – Check out these wellness travel journeys!

Bucket List Experiences for Wellness Warriors – Check out these wellness travel journeys!

Are you a wellness warrior or wellness travel lover? Enjoy this article and find a wellness journey perfect for you. It was previously published by me on Travelocity "Bucket List Experiences for Wellness Warriors" .........Do you love to travel? Well sometimes you may...

Hilton Head Island with Vacasa

Hilton Head Island with Vacasa

When one thinks of island life it is always laidback and Hilton Head island in South Carolina holds up to that mantra. Laidback luxury is one of the numbers one traits for life here. No other island has made me feel like I could live there …. permanently. What a great...

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