1. GoldLeaf Service = Perfection

Before my first experience with Rocky Mountaineer, I had no idea what to expect. As someone that lives for luxury, I was a bit anxious to see what is was like being on a train most of the day. Little did I know that the GoldLeaf Service is like a luxury club lounge on the train tracks with a much better view than any I have ever experienced. Imagine 5 star service with amazing views of the Canadian Rockies. The pairing of Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf Service and the Rocky Mountains equal perfection – who knew?

2. Food Tastes Better on a Train

I state above that food tastes better on a train – make that a luxury train. Well that is true for each dish I encountered – make that devoured. While you dine you still have breathtaking views enhanced by your taste buds being overwhelmed with delight. This is a life experience a foodie must have on their bucket list.

Rocky Mountaineer’s Executive Chefs are skilled with crafting sophisticated food made with local sourced ingredients.  The dishes are then paired with local wines which are the perfect partner. As the wine bottle flows into your wine glass rich landscape is flowing by your panoramic windows.

3. Crushing Canada

I have a secret – I have a bit of a crush on all things Canada these days. How did I not know a place so picturesque was sitting just above the US waiting for me to explore. There is something for everyone in Canada. I discovered the metropolitan city of Vancouver, a luxury spa in Banff, and Jasper National Park.  Each offers up a reason to visit over and over again.  Let’s not forget the overnight stop in Kamloops! I adore this little town and The Noble Pigs fried pickles so much, I want to be an honorary citizen.


4. Must-See Stanley

Every city has a park and when someone says you must visit, we usually just nod and say maybe.  Stanley Park in Vancouver is not a maybe, but a must-see. This magnificent green urban oasis has trees so majestic you want to bow down to them. The vision has inspired many movie directors to use it as a backdrop for their scenes. The best way to get an overview is to take a horse carriage ride when you first arrive. Then you can go back and explore on your own more.  Plan to stay at least for the afternoon and linger a while at the First Nations totem poles. Each of the four Rocky Mountaineer routes stops in Vancouver, so you can explore Stanley Park before or after your train journey.

5. Travel Bucket List

Only in a dream could I have imagined that one day a luxury train would deliver me to a remarkable luxury spa in the Canadian Rockies. This should have been on my travel bucket list, but at least now it is checked off!

The Willow Stream Spa at the fairytale like Fairmont Banff Springs hotel gave me a moment that was on my travel bucket list – soaking in an outdoor hot tub with a glass of champagne in view of snow-capped mountains. This is a bucket list idea for everyone – spa lover or not. Little did I know that when one decides to visit Canada, their life experiences would multiply.

6. Each Journey is Unique

My Rocky Mountaineer journeys have taught me that one is not enough. The Canadian rail routes can create the perfect path for the creation of dream-like travel. Rocky Mountaineer has allowed me to discover not only the Canadian Rockies but also Vancouver, Kamloops, Banff and Jasper. Each a location deserving more discovery.

The next Rocky Mountaineer location I want to discover is Lake Louise. While dining in Banff with the Fairmont Hotel management a few years ago I was asked to brainstorm with them the idea of making their Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise location a wellness retreat  destination. Well that has now become a reality. Their current offerings of wellness and meditation retreats have me ready to hit the reset button in Lake Louise by way of a Rocky Mountaineer luxury train. Wow did I just add something else to my travel bucket list?


Time for you to add a Rocky Mountaineer journey to your travel bucket list too!