After years of dreaming about riding luxury trains, I have now discovered the luxurious Rocky Mountaineer journey – and yes, the journey does matter as much as the destination. If any luxury adventure travel should be on your list, it is Rocky Mountaineer’s Journey through the Clouds. I was lucky enough to be hosted by the company this year and will never forget this experience with the most amazing views I’ve ever seen. It is now time for you to discover the beauty of the Canadian Rockies in luxury. Many may not envision a train trip as luxurious, but a trip with Rocky Mountaineer is so luxurious – no upgrades are required. Take a look at my top five most luxurious moments of my Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf Service journey below.

The Welcome

First, let me explain that Rocky Mountaineer whisks you from your luxury hotel and transports you to its private train station. Your luggage is gathered without any effort of your own – more on that later. Once you enter the train station, you are greeted by a sea of smiling faces – all just as excited as you are to begin your journey. Your departure is celebrated by a bagpiper announcing that your journey is about to begin. You are led to your own coach and your soon-to-be friends (train hosts) help you board the train and make sure you are comfortable in your luxurious seat. You have just unlocked a magical way to view the Canadian Rockies. After you board, there is a welcome toast celebrating the beginning of your journey of a lifetime.

Amazing Views

Sometimes luxury has a price tag, but the exclusive way you are able to view the Canadian Rockies from Rocky Mountaineer is priceless. On this train there are multiple ways for you to take in the breathtaking views. You have your own comfy seat in GoldLeaf Service, which includes bi-level glass-domed windows that allow for almost a 360-degree twirl to take it all in. Next you have the outdoor viewing platform, where one is encompassed by fresh air as Mother Earth’s beauty passes by. This is the place that really inspires twirling around and embracing the beauty of what is passing by before you return to your seat. Then it becomes time to take the spiral staircase or elevator to the lower-level dining area. Nothing warms your luxury soul as much as enjoying fine dining while majestic snow-covered mountains and flowing rivers pass by. The entire experience is like a dream. 

The Food

The kitchen onboard is not there just to nourish you, it is there to awe you. Its gourmet kitchen offers fine dining with locally sourced ingredients and local wines to surround you with all that Canada has to offer. As my pal Carol Perehudoff says of her dining during her Journey through the Clouds, “Warning: Delicious meals ahead”. With the team of award-winning chefs that are onboard during your trip, you have no worries about being impressed by each dish. On my journey was the award-winning Executive Chef Jean Pierre Guerin, who gained his culinary skills at five-star hotels and fine dining establishments all over the world. Foodies are welcomed onboard! I enjoyed one dish so much I ordered it twice! You can see it here on Instagram.

Your Luggage

Now back to your luggage. The last time you saw it was when you departed your room prior to arriving at the train station before departure. No need to lug it around or worry about it all day. When it comes time to depart the train each evening, you are handed the key to your room as you get off the train. When you arrive in your room, your luggage is there waiting for you. This perk gives you extra time to freshen up and explore. Each time I find my luggage in my room during a Rocky Mountaineer trip, I smile from ear to ear. Yes I do have a bit of a thing about luggage.

The Luxury Hotels

Don’t worry! When you depart your train the luxury doesn’t end there. Your days of luxury continue at some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. The luxury hotels behind Rocky Mountaineer’s GoldLeaf Service allow you to continue your day filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Rocky Mountaineer’s hotel partners always enhance and complement your luxurious journey – a journey like no other. Whether you are looking for adventure, a spa retreat or romance, these hotels deliver with top hospitality and charm. Not ready to go home yet? No worries! You can extend your stay in iconic destinations such as Vancouver, Banff or Jasper. The locations have so much to offer on many levels. Now it is time for you to take that trip of a lifetime, too.


Rocky Mountaineer Ambassador Takeaways

When you love someone, you only want to know them better – the same goes for a brand.  After being exposed to Rocky Mountaineer during a hosted press trip, the excitement of seeing “behind the curtain” as a Rocky Mountaineer Ambassador was truly REMARKable. During the Rocky Mountaineer Ambassador Summit, I not only got to see how the company markets itself, sources their food, and repairs their trains, I also met the heart of the company – numerous times. The heart lies with meeting those who make Rocky Mountaineer what it has become today and for that I am truly thankful that we were allowed a Summit. Many brands do not understand the importance of letting those who will speak about them into their doors and welcoming them with open arms. Just like in the Land of Oz, we were allowed to see behind the curtain and we were rewarded with an amazing life experience.

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