Well, we all know I love luxury, so I was super excited when Rocky Mountaineer invited me to be a Rocky Mountaineer Ambassador. One may not think of a spa gal loving luxury train travel, but there is not a more luxurious way to view Mother Nature’s grand glory of the Canadian Rockies than in Rocky Mountaineer’s GoldLeaf Service bi-level glass-dome luxury coach. It is so much more than just a train. Rocky Mountaineer has found the key to unlocking a magical world of unparalleled amazing views as you explore an otherwise almost inaccessible area of the Canadian Rockies. It is truly a luxury travel experience of a lifetime. Traveling in the GoldLeaf Service also means that you will end your days at some of the world’s most picturesque accommodations with their own amazing views. The luxury hotels behind Rocky Mountaineer’s GoldLeaf Service extend, enhance and complement your luxurious journey – a journey like no other.


One of the luxury touches of Rocky Mountaineer is that you never have to worry about luggage or even checking into your hotel.  As you prepare to disembark the train for the evening,  you are handed the key to your hotel.  There is no line to stand in or luggage to tote.  You are free to discover your destination and when you arrive at your hotel room your luggage is already there. Let’s explore a few of the GoldLeaf Service hotels where you can feel truly encompassed in luxury.


Fairmont Banff Springs

When I first arrived in Banff and looked up the mountain upon the Fairmont Banff Spring hotel, I immediately decided this must be where Disney sends its Imagineers to design its fairytales. I was speechless and I know my mouth dropped.

The views out of every room at the Fairmont Banff Springs are drop dead gorgeous – those that no camera can do justice. When here, you should never, ever turn on your TV in your hotel room, so you can spend every waking moment gazing outside monitoring the clouds cascading over the mountains and dancing along the peaks and valleys. Don’t even get me started on the breathtaking frozen waterfalls and snow-capped mountains nearby – again something that must be seen first-hand with your own eyes.

If you can take your eyes off the view, the hotel offers luxurious dining options, golf outings, destination activities and of course a worldwide known luxury spa.

Fittingly, the spa at this fairytale hotel is also just as magical. The extensive hydrotherapy circuit here is worthy of not only your time, but multiple passes through the circuit. With waterfalls and also a healing, sacred mineral pool, the spa is inspired by the hot springs that attracted travelers more than a century ago. Get there early to be able to float your stress away – this is an extremely popular place of Zen.  After completing the indoor circuit head to the outdoor hydrotherapy area. My favorite moment while there was on a crisp morning surrounded by misty clouds, relaxing in the outdoor hydrotherapy area, gazing up toward the snow-capped mountains. Usually a bit of cool mist leaves me running, but I could have stayed here all day. It is now a place I daydream about almost daily.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Canadian luxury is a lovely thing, it’s an authentic category of luxury.  I have stayed at luxury hotels all over the world and with many, unless you walk out the doors, you would could be anywhere in the world. Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is not cookie-cutter at all.  It is a custom, unique and rare gem of a hotel at one of earth’s most remarkable locations – Jasper, Canada. The resort resembles a mountain village where cedar chalets and luxury cabins become your home in a picturesque natural setting.

This hotel resides inside of Alberta’s magnificent Jasper National Park, a place that both outdoor and wildlife lovers will adore. Most rooms have views of the pristine shores of Lac Beauvert, which has a scenic trail wrapping around it. Also, almost guaranteed is a view of wildlife right outside your hotel room door. Get outside and explore – and if your boots get a little dirty along the way, this GoldLeaf Service hotel will clean and shine them up for you.  Mine were picked up and returned all while I was at the spa one afternoon. That is truly second-mile service if you ask me.

This is another hotel that will fill your soul with magnificent amazing views. Most of the Rocky Mountaineer Ambassadors could not put their cameras down.  I was even so enthralled and captivated by the view from the spa lounge that I had to go get my camera to snap a few photos. The hallways of the spa resemble an art gallery, they also wooed me to capture their artistic grandeur and share on my Instagram account @SpaTravelGal.

End your days in The Emerald Lounge enjoying food, friends and fireplaces. This lounge is one that will draw you in each evening to recount with others the GoldLeaf Service moments you experienced during the journey.

The Fairmont Pacific Rim Vancouver

Last year during my first Rocky Mountaineer journey, I was able to spend the day at The Fairmont Pacific Rim – another GoldLeaf Service hotel.  After a leisurely stroll exploring Vancouver’s Gastown cobblestone streets and gazing upon the notable Gastown Steam Clock, I made my way to The Fairmont Pacific Rim.

This contemporary, yet sophisticated GoldLeaf Service hotel features the best of its namesake, the Pacific Rim. This modern oasis features a location that enables you to view the waterfront, the snow-capped mountains and visit Stanley Park nearby. Though you do not have to venture far to find the best sushi in Vancouver — at its Lobby Lounge and the RawBar. If you are a true luxury lover, ask about its Owner’s Suites for a stylish stay.

One of the best features of the hotel is its Willow Stream Spa. This Vancouver spa offers both indoor and outdoor relaxation lounges. Its outdoor hydrotherapy areas include an exclusive view of the ocean – a view so perfect you may forget all about your spa appointment.  Plan your day to include both before and after treatment time there so you can thoroughly enjoy this special feature. This was the only spa where I’ve needed my sunglasses and I realized I still had my fav Under Armour Tortoise sunglasses on my head when I arrived in the ladies’ lounge. The sunny areas are so uplifting for your spirit that it’s enticing to just stay outside and miss your spa appointment. Be sure to check out the co-ed lounge inside when in need of a bit of nourishment. Try the shelled pistachios found there for a quick pick-me-up.

Additional Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf Hotels

The above are just a sampling of Rocky Mountaineer’s GoldLeaf Service hotels that are available for you to enjoy with GoldLeaf Service.  Just knowing that there are more to experience is an exciting reason to start planning another Rocky Mountaineer journey like Journey through the Clouds.  Next on my must-do list is the Western Explorer with Sonora Resort journey. This all new tour includes two nights in at the ultimate pacific wilderness hotel, Sonora Resort. Just like the other GoldLeaf Service hotels, Sonora Resort offers amazing views.

All of these resorts are just extensions of the GoldLeaf Service you receive when on your luxury train journey. If you’re like me and just can’t get enough of the GoldLeaf Service, you can choose a route that includes more destinations and a package that adds more nights at these luxurious hotels.

Rocky Mountaineer Ambassador Takeaways

When you love someone, you only want to know them better – the same goes for a brand.  After being exposed to Rocky Mountaineer during a hosted press trip, the excitement of seeing “behind the curtain” as a Rocky Mountaineer Ambassador was truly REMARKable. During the Rocky Mountaineer Ambassador Summit, I not only got to see how the company markets itself, sources their food, and repairs their trains, I also met the heart of the company – numerous times. The heart lies with meeting those who make Rocky Mountaineer what it has become today and for that I am truly thankful that we were allowed a Summit. Many brands do not understand the importance of letting those who will speak about them into their doors and welcoming them with open arms. Just like in the Land of Oz, we were allowed to see behind the curtain and we were rewarded with an amazing life experience.







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