Why Weighted Blankets Work

The Comfitude Velvet Weighted Blanket gives you that good nights sleep that you dreamed about. The weights in the blanket help ease your mind and body into a soothing instant relaxation. It gives off that secure feeling of being hugged. How does this work? It works by...

New Ways to Relax

Recently someone told me they had the answer to relaxation. You know when I heard this I stopped to listen, since I have been searching for ways to relax around the world as Spa Travel Gal for decades. Something that someone found that is easily accessible and...

Take the Challenge

I challenge you to take the challenge to whiter teeth today! Who wants a challenge that is easy? I know I do and this challenge is so much easier than my current fitness and diet goals. The “White Smile Challenge" is easy when you use Luster Pro Light Whitening...

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