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When you’re looking to unwind, a spa treatment is the way to go. Many spa treatments are relaxing, but massage therapy is one of the best because it allows your body to slow down while your muscles are soothed of any strain they have been experiencing. It’s hard not to feel rejuvenated after turning off your mind for a 60-minute massage. Plan your next pampering with my picks below for the best hotel spas to take a time out and escape the stress of everyday life!

best hotel spas relax

The namesake palms at the Palm Beaches in Jupiter Beach, Florida.

The Palm Beaches – Jupiter Beach, Florida

When looking for the best hotel spas, head to a region where there is a great spa community. A strong spa community spawns the best spa treatments and also the best spa deals. The Palm Beaches of Florida is where the elite of the world have come to rejuvenate for almost a century, so why not you? The world has chosen this location for their Global Wellness Summit, and these people know a lot about relaxation.

While you’re there, head to Palm Beach County’s best kept secret, Jupiter Beach. For total relaxation, choose theOPAL Signature Perfect Massage like I did this past weekend at Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa. This signature massage is based on the healing and restorative needs of your own body. Afterwards, head out to their adult-only Hammock Garden for more time to disconnect and refresh.

best hotel spas relax

Luxurious surroundings and views at the Fairmont Pacific Rim.

The Pacific Rim – Vancouver

While breathtaking coastal views from an amazing outdoor spa lounge are enough reason to venture to the Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver, a bit of time indoors relaxing and enjoying a luxury spa treatment will also be well worth your efforts for a new relaxed you.

The Coastal Mountain Retreat treatment is my top choice when relaxing indoors at the Willow Stream Spa. This treatment is as soothing to your body as Vancouver’s coastal mountain views are to your soul. It begins with a deeply hydrating maple-sugar scrub which improves circulation and provides vital nutrients to any dry or parched skin. Following is a replenishing body wrap which includes a conditioning Bio-Maple compound with cocoa and shea butter. This extremely ultra relaxing treatment releases all built-up tension while leaving your skin freshly hydrated, silky smooth and oh so incredibly soft.

Take a tip from Spa Travel Gal and ask for one of their spa suites that includes a private tub with views of both the city and the coast.

best hotel spas relax

LA-style luxury at the Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles Spa

The West Coast – Los Angeles

When spa lovers venture to the west coast, they must head straight to The Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles to visit one of the most luxurious spas in the region. We all want to feel like a star when in L.A. Why not have a little red carpet treatment of your own?

At this spa, the red carpet treatment starts from the moment guests walk through the door. They are greeted with a glass of champagne before being whisked off to one of the glamorous treatment rooms. Afterwards, guests can recline in their shimmering spa lounge for more relaxation.

In such a star-studded town, one must go all in when choosing an indulgent spa treatment. During my time there, I continued the champagne theme and decided upon the Champagne & Shimmer Body Treatment from their spa menu. This signature spa treatment is inspired by Hollywood’s Golden Era, thus it leaves you glowing like a true Hollywood Star. There is science behind the champagne! Champagne seeds and their oils fight free radicals and soothe your complexion during the scrub, which is followed by a hydrating massage. Afterwards, you are dusted with 24-karat gold powder for the ultimate indulgence. You leave luminating like a true star worthy of strutting your stuff down any red carpet. Yes, I must say this treatment left me truly relaxed and feeling absolutely fabulous!

best hotel spas relax

A glamorous spa experience may be as close as just around the corner.

Your Own Hometown – (Aiken, South Carolina for me)

One does not have to venture far from home to locate the perfect place for relaxation. Local spas all offer everyone’s favorite spa treatment – the Swedish Massage. Once I ventured not very far from my own hometown to Aiken, South Carolina to the The Willcox Spa at The Willcox. The Wilcox Spa has been named one of the Top 15 Hotel Spas in the United States by Conde Nast Traveler, so rest assured that relaxation reigns supreme here.

Aiken blossomed as a Winter Colony in the early 1900’s when well-traveled snowbirds such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill flocked here during extreme northern winters. Ever since then, this city has been seen as an escape for relaxation. The Willcox Hotel and Spa blends the best of those years of historical influence with modern-day luxurious hospitality. No detail is too small – even when it comes to the perfect cocktail.

So, of course the massage here would not be ordinary. After 10 minutes into my massage, I forgot what century I was in and could not have cared less. During a massage by their top therapist, Katrina, you will forget what planet you are on too! My massage was mind-blowing and the best one I have had anywhere around the world. Just like myself, the spa’s owner, Shannon Ellis has traveled the world and experienced spas in multiple countries. Her attention to detail shows up all over the spa and hotel.

Thus proving even a jetsetter like me does not have to travel far to find relaxation!

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