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They say an important part in any adventure is getting there. Yet when it comes to going on a vacation, the traveling part is rarely anyone’s favorite – especially air travel! It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are my best tips to make air travel more enjoyable.

The Perfect Seat Companion

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The biggest complaint that most travelers have is uncomfortable seats. In fact, 77 percent of travelers don’t like the seats on airplanes, according to a study on Statista.com. The solution: the perfect seat companion. For me, it’s the Delsey Cruise Lite Hardside suitcase.

This brilliant invention holds everything you need and want close by and does not take up your limited personal space. This under-the-seat luggage is the best way to fit everything to make your flight more convenient, comfortable and entertaining, no matter where you are going and how you’re getting there. I have used it under a train, bus and airline seat. I am so smitten with this “companion” of mine that I have named her Scarlet. My two-wheeled under-seat luggage is sometimes the only one I want to share my personal space with on an airplane.

No, we cannot always pick our seat mates during a flight, but we can pick our companion luggage that will board with us!

Watch Your Mouth

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Another way to make your flight more comfortable: Airberlin offers a special Airberlin business class amenity kit that includes the most perfect lip balm. If you don’t have one provided in your more economical seat, make your own first-class goodie kit and be sure to add your favorite lip balm. Your lips and skin can get dry on an airplane, which can add to your discomfort.

No Worries

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Nothing these days seems to come with a guarantee, but if you book your next vacation with Travelocity you get just that. Travelocity offers a Customer First Guarantee that takes a huge chunk of the stress away from air travel!

Travelocity offers 24/7 assistance before, during and after your trip on everything the website provides: flights, hotels, cars, packages and activities. No longer do you have to cross your fingers and hope everything is in order. Even if you’re up at 2 a.m. the night before your trip, you can reach out to Travelocity and find peace of mind.

Global Entry

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Apply for Global Entry through U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This program pre-approves low-risk travelers so they can go through customs in automated kiosks. This is much quicker than waiting in the regular line for immigration during air travel.

Global Entry makes travel a breeze. Once you have used the kiosk, you can be on your way. Also the airline employees love it when they find out you are a Global Entry traveler; it means less work for them and they also know you are informed about travel. You’ll love it because you won’t have to wait like a sheep in the long line at customs.

Lounge Access

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If you have a layover, consider it a blessing in disguise: an opportunity to unwind in an airport lounge. It’s well worth it to buy a membership to an airport lounge, like the Delta Sky Club. These private, members-only rooms inside many hotels help you relax comfortably and refresh before your next leg of travel. Lounges typically offer beer, wine, spirits, snacks, comfortable chairs, TV, WiFi, work spaces, meeting spaces, food, flight assistance, showers, magazines, satellite TV — some even have an on-site spa!

Don’t torture yourself with overpriced, unhealthy airport pizza and rigid chairs in a crowded, loud terminal. Go get a quiet massage, a glass of champagne, a healthy salad and read a book while you wait for your next flight.

Upgrade Your Seat

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Yes, I am a first-class junkie and I am not shy to say it. The perks and virtues of first class go way beyond the seat width. The benefits start from the moment you book your trip to when you pick up your luggage.

Regardless of whether you are first class or not, choose your seat wisely. Check out these tips on how to pick the best airplane seats. Having a great seat easily sets the tone for the rest of your journey.

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