We all love to be pampered even when traveling! Sometimes a little pampering is the only way we can get through the day when one has a ton of flight connections.  Yes, I am guilty of upgrading myself to first class or business class – but I want you to know that there are a ton of advantages to these upgraded seats on the plane.  Many of the virtues of first class or business class do not even happen in your seat!

Today the division of first class, business class and premium economy is changing like the wild, wild west. Recently, I was on a Delta First Class flight and found the level of service was that of many international first class flights – minus the champagne toast at take off. I can only imagine how luxurious it would feel to take a first or business class to Tokyo. Asian airlines are upping the game with many private first class suites in the sky. If I could find some cheap business class fares, I would be on my way to Tokyo soon!

So let’s go through just a few of the many reasons, I have found to fly first class or business class if you do find some cheap business class fares. I know I am going to miss many, but think about it yourself and see the value for the quality of experience you will gain from an upgrade.  It may just be time to upgrade yourself!

Upgraded Dining Experiences – Yes the food on business class flights has grown up. Even the utensils just got an upgrade on Delta One Flights – Alessi has upgraded the decor of your tray table to that of a fine dining dinner party.  Even as you sip your wine their name is etched in the bottle of your wine glass while on board Delta First, Business or Delta One flights. This extremely takes away my stress of what the cart will offer you in economy class.  Board with an easy mind knowing that you will be fed onboard and fed nicely!

Airport Lounges – Traveling Internationally, have airline status or a specially branded airline credit card?  You may automatically gain access to the airline’s club lounges.  Recently one of my trips highlights was discovering a new spa inside the Seattle SkyClub! Now time to have a layover with time to get a spa treatment there!

Carry Less – No need to take along extra stuff on board, like a pillow, blanket (substitutes for on board sweater), or even a great pair of earphones.  Delta includes a great selection to listen to your favorite movies on their entertainment options.  I think the last few dozen times I saw a movie it was above 10,000 feet!

Board Early – Most airlines let you board first in an upgraded cabin. Delta offers premium boarding that is only after those that needed extra attention while boarding such as those in wheelchairs or with young children. Sky priority boarding is a lower level of boarding but still above the masses.

Luggage  – Your luggage gets an upgraded experience too! It is tagged as special and goes on and off the plane first.  That also means it arrives on the luggage carousel first too.  Quite a perk to get you out of the airport quicker or back on the next flight when coming into the country. If you do carry a piece of luggage on board – such as my beloved Delsey Cruise Lite Hardside 2-Wheeled Under Seat Luggage there is dedicated space for you and other first class passengers.  No pushing or fighting for overhead space.  What a great perk!

Pods – Need I say more? Pod life is grand. When you forgot to look at the airplane seat map on Seat Guru I don’t think anything would be better except for the new first class suites that many airlines are offering.

Airport Lounges – Delta’s Skyclubs saves me a ton – on snacks, drinks, many have full meals available, fruit to take on board and my favorite thing is great magazines! Mo need to buy a People magazine or newspaper at the expensive airport store, but one can locate great luxury travel or business periodicals available free to take to read on the plane.  I love the magazines I find in the SkyClubs.

Massage – Well not the full-blown mind melting kind, but at least a chair massage in the air. Something that helps with blood circulation and much needed on long flights.  Try to get up once an hour while flying and if you can’t push that little button in your first class or business class seat.

Okay I knew this would be a topic that I could talk about all day, so for now I am going to leave it for you to ponder.  Is First Class or Business Class right for you?  What virtues of this type of airline class would help you on your journey?  I promise to update, add-to and keep you informed on additional reasons to upgrade your life whether on a plane, train, or automobile! Who is ready for an adventure that includes business class to Tokyo?