The Smile Centre announces the launch of a brand new product, Ultra Grip™ Dentures, an effective and affordable solution for better fitting dentures.  The Smile Centre, an independent private cosmetic denture practice with over twenty five years of experience in the industry, announced the launch of a brand new product, Ultra Grip Dentures™, which provides patients with a more stable grip for their dentures. Manufactured using high-quality acrylic, these dentures do not wrap or sink with time, providing a more comfortable and firm fit.

Ultra Grip Dentures™ ensure minimum movement and maximum comfort. The instability of loose dentures can be highly embarrassing for many denture wearers. Also, ill-fitting dentures can lead to oral problems, such as irritation, swollen gums, sore spots, erosion of the jawbone and various infections. Your journey to wellness can start here.

Unlike conventional dentures, Ultra Grip™ Dentures do not become loose over time, and the Smile Centre is confident that many denture-related problems can be solved by using this new product.

Experts at The Smile Centre use the latest compressive techniques to take the impression of the patient’s mouth and the extent of tooth loss to achieve a highly accurate mould. “Ultra Grip™ Dentures are not only suitable for older patients but are also an excellent option for people of any age who are missing all of their teeth and who want dentures with a very secure and stable fit,” says The Smile Centre. Your smile deserves it.

The new product from the Smile Centre uses a high quality acrylic base to ensure that the dentures do not shrink or warp, thereby ensuring that a comfortable, secure and very stable fit is sustained. They also improve the patient’s ability to chew and furthermore there is no need for adhesives, which often feel sticky and uncomfortable in the mouth. Not to mention of course, no more social embarrassment while talking, laughing or eating.

The Smile Centre is tremendously popular, with patients even flying in from overseas to receive treatment. The team of dental technicians here are committed to transforming the way people with tooth decay perceive themselves and restoring social confidence.

“Our aim is to provide you with a totally natural looking denture to achieve the best results for you. All this means that we’re dedicated to improving not only your smile, but also your quality of life,” said Barrie Semp, Clinical Dental Technician at The Smile Centre.

About The Smile Centre: The Smile Centre, established in 1989, offers the very latest in dentures and denture implant technology. It provides free initial consultation to patients. The centre offers a range of treatments to achieve the best results for patients, giving them completely natural appearance for their teeth. The aim of the centre is to not only improve the patient’s smile but also their quality of life.