Diptyque-PerfumeHave you ever had a day that you would just down in the dumps? Well with all the horrid weather in our area the past few months it is not hard to feel a bit gloomy. So as today’s weather brings more of the same to the South, I was in a bit of a gray area until I discovered a black box on my desk.  This box had a little bird on it and thus this little SCENTBIRD made me smile….

Little did I know that what was in the box would feel like it could change my life and yours too – even if only for a small thrill. Designer fragrances has a way of doing that to you.  If you have ever gone into a french perfume store in France you will know what I mean or if you have just wondered down the designer fragrance isle at your local department store. At first you may be surprised at all the scents, but then one calls your name from the crowd.


Now it is a big commitment to purchase a bottle of designer fragrance for most of use, but what if we could have almost an unlimited supply monthly?  That is what Scentbird does for you in the way of supplying you with a 30-Day Supply of Designer Fragrance Every Month for Just $14.95.  A little unbelievable, but it is so true.

With this monthly subscription you can rid yourself of that expensive perfume bottle graveyard.  How many of you have had to throw away almost full bottles because you never really liked the scent once you got it home.  With this program you can give it a try without such a huge commitment.

Thank you SCENTBIRD for changing our lives!

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Not only do they send what you choose, they also listen to your choices and help you find your TruScent™!

They believe finding a new perfume should be indulgent, personalized and most of all, fun. Their TruScent™ Recommender leverages a database of thousands of scent profiles and perfume reviews by real people. You can also find your dream scent match searching by brand, mood, occasion or personality.
The best part? You can keep customizing the recommendations by rating fragrances: the more you rate, the more personalized your recommendations become.
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