“Your Journey to Wellness, Your Way” …Check out Skyterra Wellness (www.skyterrawellness.com) a new fitness and weight loss resort I came across near Asheville, North Carolina. They have had early success as a business and I am looking forward to checking this place out in the near future!

The Skyterra Way is not simply about losing weight; it’s about reclaiming your life. As you re-build your relationship with fitness and food, you nurture your journey back to the center. The journey of wellness not only integrates mind, body, and spirit, it also inspires you to find balance in your life. As you connect with the natural world around you, you will discover your unique path to active, stress-free, and sustainable healthy living. And as the Skyterra Way becomes your way, you will rediscover your inherent drive to be healthy and well.

What I find interesting is that, at Skyterra they are committed to creating customized wellness programs that help individuals explore the foundations of good health, sound nutrition and mindful wellbeing. Thus, whether you are seeking an active vacation or ready to begin your wellness journey, Skyterra believes that one deserves to be nourished, motivated and empowered. This speaks volumes! Skyterra also understands that the way we view our bodies impacts the way we view our world. Therefore, taking care of our body, mind and spirit gives us the freedom and the opportunity to be the best version of ourselves.

 … sign me up- I cannot wait to go!