Well if you know me … you know I do not need a reason to pop open a bottle of Prosecco. On most days it is my number one pick when I want some bubbles to refresh – especially on these hot humid summer days. Today happens to be National Prosecco Day.  At this time of the year,  summer is about to come to an end and we must take advantage of something so refreshing that we have named a day after it.

Whether you are out on the lake with friends or attending a picnic, Prosecco will lighten anyone’s mood. Prosecco is a sparkling wine made in Veneto, Italy, and is the most sold sparkling wine sold in the United States. Prosecco is uplifting and light, which makes it perfect for a summer day or any day the sun is shining. 

Some of my most favorite memories are of having an Aperol Sprint in St. Mortiz on a sunny snowy day out on the terrace of the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. Switzerland loves their prosecco too, which is the main ingredient in an Aperol Spritz. 

The History of Prosecco

Prosecco was named after the Italian village of Prosecco, which is also named after the Prosecco grape. Apart from the sparkling wine we all know and love, it is also made and available in a still wine.

Per the website National Day – The first known spelling of prosecco was in fact ‘‘Prosecho’’, mentioned by an Englishman named Fynes Moryson who visited the north of Italy. Moryson noted ‘‘Prosecho’’ as among the famous wines in Italy in 1593. Production techniques were altered and improved, and a higher quality wine was produced. 

How to Celebrate

So since I am not headed to Italy today, I am picking up the proseccos below for a little tasting for National Prosecco Day after work today. Have you ever tried Rosé Prosecco? It tastes so delicious with cornichons and some hearty strong cheese. Let’s just say my husband will also love this tasting and so will my girls (not the pups) – Alexis and Morgan. 

Here are some great proseccos for you to pick up for yourself soon and relish in the refreshment they bring on this day or any day you want to be delighted. 

Gancia Prosecco

Rosé all day is even true for Gancia’s own Rosé Prosecco. Gancia is the wine house that first brought sparkling wine to Italy over 170 years ago. Just last year, Italy approved the creation and bottling of Prosecco Rosé as its own unique wine variety and it’s finally here. As the name suggests, this combines two of the most popular styles of wine. Fresh and fragrant with floral and fruity notes, Gancia’s Prosecco Rosé hits on several trends: 

It’s low in alcohol with only 11% ABV.It’s affordable at about $11.99 a bottle.

It’s the perfect fit for anyone who likes Rosé and/or Prosecco, and it’s an unexpected offering for guests.

Mionetto Prosecco

Mionetto Prosecco Rosé DOC ($15) is one of the first Prosecco Rosés to hit the US market and available nationwide. Incredibly unique, the new Prosecco Rosé uses a new blend of Glera (the Prosecco grape) and Pinot Nero. 

This time of year light and refreshing is the focus of summer afternoons and evenings. The Glera offers lightness and elegance along with minerality and citrus flavors combined with the Pinot Nero body, which offers structure and flavors of cherries and strawberry- the perfect pairing for poolside drinks and summer grilling.

I don’t know about you, but I am picking up a few varieties of each of the lovely brands above and toasting the day! Prost!