Now that international travel restrictions are soon to be eased, you can finally plan the adventure you’ve always wanted to check off your bucket list. Why not try something a little different this time? There are plenty of cool ways to explore your chosen destination. Whether you’d rather work or volunteer, or tour the country in the lap of luxury, you can find the right option for you. If you simply can’t decide on a destination, there are even websites that can organize the perfect trip too. The great thing about travel is that there are always new places to visit and it never has to be the same way twice. Here are fifteen unique ways to explore the world.

Work as a travel agent

If you’ve always had a passion for travel, you could even make money from organizing other people’s vacations. You could work as a travel agent, and enjoy learning more about new destinations on the way. The perks of the job include travel discounts on accommodation, transport, and insider information. You’ll be able to plan the trip of your dreams on a lower budget, and even use your experience for your job. Here is some more information on a career as a travel agent.

Write a travel blog

Another way to make money in the travel industry is to start a successful travel blog. You’ve heard of the digital nomadic lifestyle, so why not try it for yourself? There are plenty of benefits to starting a blog. You can become part of an online community and inspire others. It’s also a good step towards becoming an author, if you’re interested in writing. You could end with your own published travel guides. You will need to work to get your blog established first, however. Here are a few tips on how to start a travel blog.


If you’d like to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling, you could look into eco-tourism. Essentially, this is about planning your trip so it has the lowest environmental impact possible. Many accommodations operate under a zero-waste policy, for example, and use their profits to support the local community. Eco-tourism is for tourists who want to explore the natural environment without damaging or disturbing the natural habitat. It has a focus on conserving the natural area, flora and fauna, and protecting the local people. If you’d like to plan an eco-friendly vacation, there are plenty of eco-tourism destinations to check out. 

Wellness travel

You could also focus your trip on health and wellness. Wellness travel has the purpose of promoting well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities. You could arrange spa getaways, a yoga retreat, or hiking through nature. The important thing is to give yourself the opportunity to feel better in both body and mind. Wellness travel allows you to find balance, reduce stress, and return relaxed and rejuvenated. If you’ve ever heard yourself say “I need a vacation after my vacation” then wellness travel could be exactly what you need this year. Taking the time for self-care is important, and traveling should ultimately be a positive experience.

Luxury cruise

If you’d prefer to indulge a little on your next vacation, then you could book a luxury cruise. Often luxury cruises offer pre and post-pampering, which is a plus. You can also enjoy fine dining, an attentive service, and luxury accommodation on board. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a more relaxing way to travel to new destinations. Smaller luxury cruise ships are also perfect if you’d like to visit less-traveled locations, and you can take advantage of more exclusive ports that aren’t overrun by tourists and larger boats. Here are some of the best luxury cruise lines in 2021

Luxury sleeper

Another way to travel in style is on the Gold Eagle luxury trains on the trans Siberian express. You’ll get to see stunning scenery from the comfort of your own first-class cabin. The route from Moscow to Vladivostok is breathtaking and you can make stops along the way. En route you’ll be able to enjoy a fully inclusive dining experience, quality wines, and overnight stays in high-end hotels. 

Volunteer projects

If you’d prefer to spend time working on your vacation you could look into volunteer projects. This way you’ll be able to get more involved with the local culture and help out in the community. You can easily find volunteer work abroad online. You could look for a cause that aligns with your core beliefs and interests. If you’re planning a longer trip, you could even mix and match volunteering, with luxury, and more and get a range of different experiences. 


WWoofing is worth a mention because it’s somewhere in between working and volunteering, often in exchange for full-board accommodation. Essentially, you’ll be on a homestay on an organic farm. You don’t need any previous agricultural experience. During your stay, you’ll learn about farming and the local culture. You will need to take part in plenty of physical activities, so prepare to get your hands dirty. It’s a great way to get in touch with nature and benefit from spending time outdoors, however. You can check the official site for Wwoofing opportunities. 


Agriturismo is for those who have always been in love with Italian cuisine, and fascinated by the local produce. Farmhouses and farm stays in rural parts of Italy, especially Umbria and Tuscany for example, offer the opportunity to get in touch with Italian agriculture. You’ll visit a working farm or ranch and sample the local crops while learning more about how they’re cultivated. Many people are becoming more interested in agriturismo, because it’s a way to connect more deeply with the Italian culture and diet. 

Teach English

If you’re considering traveling for a longer period, you could try teaching English abroad. This is a way to make money while getting to know a place. It’s ideal if you’re looking to stay somewhere for at least several months. You could alternatively teach English online. This is often workable with the digital nomad lifestyle. As you gain experience, you can find your own international clients on a number of secure platforms online. 

Become an au pair

Another long-term option is to become an au pair. This is a big commitment but can be very rewarding. You will certainly develop important life skills. You will gain valuable experience and learn to adapt to new situations. Many people become an au pair in order to learn the language, or get a more authentic experience of the local culture. Working with children can also be very fulfilling and you can develop a rapport with the family. It’ll definitely be an experience you’ll never forget.

Home exchange

If you’d like to expand your horizons, you could try a home exchange. You basically exchange homes with another family or individual and have the opportunity to experience their culture and neighborhood from a local’s perspective. Another benefit of a home exchange is that it’s a cost-effective solution. You can get the most out of your budget as you’ll save on accommodation. You’ll also have a self-catered place and spend more on experiences. With a homestay, you’ll automatically get all the amenities and home comforts you would in your own place for free. There’s no need to live out of a suitcase and you’ll have a private home-like environment to relax in between adventures. 

Road trip

A road trip is one of the best ways to explore hidden gems. There’s nothing quite like the sense of freedom you’ll get from being on the open road. You can plan your own itinerary, and experience the definition of the scenic route. It’s also a great way to bond with your travel companions. You’ll create memories you’ll cherish forever. You could either hire a vehicle abroad, or get in your own car and see various nearby destinations from a different perspective. The great thing about road trips is you’ll have plenty of freedom and flexibility, but it’s worth being organized. Ensure you inspect the vehicle before you go and have a contingency plan in place if you encounter any weather or traffic issues. Here are a few more tips for an epic road trip

Desert island experience

If you’re looking for a completely unique vacation, that’s perhaps not for the faint hearted, you could try a desert island experience. There are certain travel companies that will organize a trip to a remote location, and you will be able to genuinely get off the beaten track, and discover things few people have seen before. 

Magical mystery tour

If you’re undecided about which destination to visit, you could try booking a magical mystery tour. The entire vacation will be planned for you and it will be a complete surprise. To learn more about magical mystery tours, visit their official site. How you choose to spend your next vacation is up to you, but by finding a unique way to explore the world you’ll definitely get an unforgettable experience.