I have to say that pizza is an easy go to for any type of gathering. It pleases most everyone. This weekend, I was shopping at Kroger and looking for potential holiday treats to give my guests during the holiday season. I came across Urban Pie in the freezer case at my local store. You can see if they have it here at your store at this Urban Pie store finder link. I started reading the pizza box and found that their Urban Artisan and Urban Veggies pizza pies are actually clean eating. Their premium pizza pies are crafted from real, responsibly sourced ingredients to give you an extremely premium frozen pizza pie. I myself found it almost as tasty as my local pizza specialty restaurant which uses a real pizza oven from Italy. This option was so much easier and quicker. It was an amazing treat on a busy holiday day of wrapping packages and getting ready for the holidays. 


My Urban Pie Experience

I had the Pesto Fresh Mozzarella Pizza with Cherry Tomato and Basil one, which I could eat again right now for sure. The mozzarella was huge like buffalo slices and the toppings tasted as if they were put on fresh before I placed it in the oven. It really tasted more like a homemade pizza that one out of a box from the freezer. They also offer an array of flavors which also include Uncured Pepperoni + Chicken Sausage, Sweet Potato + BBQ Chicken, & Broccoli + Cheddar. Since I don’t eat a lot of animal protein, I found the pesto pizza extremely satisfying. I paired it with an arugula salad and some lemon water.  


Can Pizza Be Clean Eating ?

I did not feel any hesitation eating this at all, since it has a thin artisan crust. Also Urban Pie has 100% real cheese and no artificial colors, ingredients or preservatives. That is why I agreed to share this pizza option with you on my blog today. I really enjoyed it and feel really comfortable telling you to buy it too. I would never tell you to try anything, I would not try myself… and you have seen me try a lot especially on my social media pages like Instagram. Look here what I am doing today on Spa Travel Gal’s Instagram account. 


More about Urban Pie

Let me tell you a bit more about Urban Pie. Their unique flavors are not what you usually find in your local freezer. Urban Pie refuses to compromise. They are always looking to delight you with new and healthy options for your pizza pies cravings;. Their elevated combinations did delight me. Not to mention it was had amazing flavor and taste. 

Also, for such a busy day the backing time was only 11-13 minutes which gave me more time for my other activities and adventure for the day! Give Urban Pie and clean eating a try! 

So, if you are looking for a pizza pie option with thoughtful toppings and ingredients head over to their website at the link above to pick your favorite even before you get to your local freezer section.

This post was sponsored by Urban Pie, but all thoughts are my own. 


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