When one thinks of island life it is always laidback and Hilton Head island in South Carolina holds up to that mantra. Laidback luxury is one of the numbers one traits for life here. No other island has made me feel like I could live there …. permanently. What a great place to getaway and blend in with the locals and enjoy your day and every day in serenity. Thanks to Vacasa for letting me live like a local for a weekend on Hilton Head Island.


Well we all know it is not a secret that I am a luxury hotel loving gal. Going into this collaboration with Vacasa I was not sure what to expect. We arrived extremely late and went past the office which was on our way to the rental home. I was given a code which gave me access to a lock box with my key. Easy Peesy so far. We arrived to the home gained easy access and felt into an extremely comfy bed and drifted immediately off to sleep. I never do that in a hotel…


The next morning, I awoke to silence! Somehow is just seemed so peaceful – much more peaceful them when I wake up in a hotel. Dawn was my friend that day even before coffee.  Just listen to my voice here in this video I recorded right after I arose.


My top activity while I was staying at Vacationin‘, the vacation home managed by Vacasa was to just BE. There has never been a hotel that did not make me want to get out of the room as soon as I was dressed. This Vacasa home drew me in and made me want to relax in the master bedroom, the family room, a cozy spot on the deck and especially down by the pool and spa!

Did someone say SPA? Hilton Head has a ton of spas both hotel spas and day spas to choose from for a little me time while on the island.  While my husband was at his special place (on the sea fishing), I easily took an uber to one of the locals Hilton Head spas. Then I came back and relaxed in my own personal spa at my own Vacasa! What a great setup to read, spa, relax or have a pool party.

Later we met up and walked around the cute village areas for a bit of shopping, dining and a bit of fudge.

Our favorite places to dine on the island are Frankie Bones and the Hilton Head Diner.

There were so many things that I hope to get back to do. We were only at the home 2 quick nights and 1 full day, so we crammed as much as we could into our adventure. Next trip much be an entire week!

Need more ideas? Here is a great article by the New York Times on 36 Hours in Hilton Head. We all know my perfect day anywhere starts with coffee and my Vacasa home in Hilton Head came with a great Mr. Coffee coffeemaker. I brought one of my favorite brews and found some cute coffee mugs in the cabinet.  The kitchen was stocked better than Martha Stewarts when it came to utensils, pans, and any type of cooking accessory.  The home had anything one could need to cook up a masterpiece. There was only one thing that the home did not have in it – a hair dryer! I will know next time to bring my own. That is absolutely the only issue I had our entire stay.

The Top Question

The answer to what you are all thinking – “How clean was the home?”.  Remember, I have traveled the world and stayed at all types of hotels and resorts….this home was as clean or cleaner than most luxury hotels I have visited.  I want however cleans this home to stop by my home weekly….please!


When it came time for my husband and I to leave we stood at the door like statues. Our time there had been way too short and we knew we would have to find a way to come back and bring out own family. The 5 bedrooms and multiple bathrooms needed to be filled with family.

Parting Thoughts

This Vacasa home would be the perfect place to create family memories.  This home had already created it’s own family memories which were displayed in photos by the owners all over the house. What a special family must own that home to allow others to share in such a special place on earth.

So are you ready to live like a local on Hilton Head Island? Take a look at where you can create memories here on www.vacasa.com/avastritt today!

Top Ten

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