First I wanted to introduce you to Hesperian Wines.  I discovered them this weekend with a little help from a lovely shipment of  a few bottles of Hesperian Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 that arrived as a gift. As always I want to share with you amazing products that I discover, but this time I am so anxious – Hesperian Wines wants to send you to Napa Valley!

Super Simple to enter the Contest – 1) Provide a little bit of information so they can contact you is you WIN & 2) “Like” one or more sponsors for additional entries! How easy is that?

Ask Yourself – Do you want to experience a Luxury Napa Valley Weekend? Well this luxe getaway will take the winner on a trip of their lifetime over a weekend in January – so block off your calendar in case you are the Lucky Winner.  

Want to Know More – The winner’s weekend itinerary  is pretty amazing. At the start of their luxurious Napa Valley weekend, they will be picked up from the airport by Napa Valley Tours & Transportation in style by luxury transportation. Then they will check in to the lovely River Terrace Inn and prepare for a gourmet dinner. Also, there is a $500 travel voucher to assist with your transportation to Napa Valley. 

I, myself hope to visit the River Terrace Inn in Napa Valley possibly next spring for a 30th Anniversary trip with my husband. How romantic it looks along with being the perfect base for a luxurious Napa Valley experience. Their luxury rooms are perfection with comfy Napa Dream Bedding, fireplace and balcony. The wellness lover in me adores that they offer courtesy cruiser bicycles and the luxury lover in me will enjoy the complimentary wine tasting at check-in and the Napa Valley Wine Train excursion offer.  

Saturday brings the adventure of a hot air balloon experience provided by Napa Valley Drifters (if weather permits). After working up an appetite they will then meet at Kitchen Collective for a wine tasting of the Hesperian collection of wines. We do know how I love a luxury train ride, such a way to step back to a more elegant age.

As the weekend comes to a close, a special dinner is planned with their own winemaker, Philippe Langner.

Here is the link again to enter the Hesperian Wines Contest! Good Luck!

Hesperian Wines – Why does their wine taste so good? Their vines are shaped by a lifelong fascination with plants and nature. Each of their harvests bring them a new loved opportunity to continue their commitment to perfection – which I can attest to by the joy from sipping with Cabernet Sauvignon. They feel the voice of the soil enters every bottle.

As both a master viticulturist AND a winemaker, Phillippe Langner is uniquely able to orchestrate the symphony of tasks to create the perfect symphony of taste in each bottle of Hesperian Wines.

Did you know each Cabernet Sauvignon they produce is distinct from each other? That just means I need to try them all! With their grace and exactitude it is certain each and every one will create a symphony for my taste buds and amaze my wine mind.

“Hesperian” describes the West; it is at once a sunset place and a state of mind.

Let’s win that luxury trip to Napa Valley and find a Hesperian state of mind!


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