Sometimes we have to get out of our travel comfort zone and explore a new place to get where we want to be. Where will your journey take you this week – where will your journey take you this year – where will you end up next year? Any guesses? A marathon, a cruise, a jungle safari?

There are a few places that I have always wanted to visit that will really take me out of my comfort zone – a luxury spa. One is to go to the Galapagos Islands  and the other is to go on jungle safari. Whether you feel it is an adventure just to go out on Black Friday to shop or to get on an airplane alone, we all have a need for adventure. Just look at Instagram and see all the people who are exploring their world in so many ways.

While my hubbie has been researching the Galapagos Island, I will take my turn at researching a jungle safari. Take me out of my comfort zone is not as easy as everyone may think. Yes I travel the world, but under my own luxury hotel and luxury spa agenda.  See the photo above of me taking a huge leap for the second time into the Mayan Jungle to venture to a cenote and then to a cenote spa.

What should I look for in a jungle safari to possibly Africa? A Uganda tour will most likely include gorilla tracking, chimps and other amazing wildlife experiences. I saw on the African Jungle Adventure website that I can take my pick of a few different jungle tours. Bird watchers can choose their own journey and if you really want to go way out there, one can pick the “True African Wilderness” experience far, far away from the crowds. This is the best way to get the most intimate look at wildlife and animal spotting is more likely.

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