Arrive any way you want to Ireland – by plane, train or automobile – but once you get there you must explore by car! A country as beautiful as Ireland must be seen up close as only self drive in Ireland can give you. Not only will it give you the perfect view of the amazing landscapes, but also the freedom to move as you please.  See a perfect Instagram moment – take it!

Here are my top 3 most beautiful drives in Ireland.

  1. The Ring of Kerry –  Once you see all the greens of the meadows full of sheep in Kerry, Ireland one then truly knows why Ireland is known for this color. It is the greenest green I have ever seen.  As I sipped my coffee and watched out over the water, I could only imagine all the stories of the people who got off the ships in this are so many years ago.
  2. As you start your journey by car in Ireland, you will realize that you are not the only one who had this idea of a beautiful drive through Ireland. Cars are the top way of travel in this country, so much so that cheap car insurance is easy to find. So I turned to these ebooks for more inspiration about scenic drives in Ireland to find my next stop. I thought then of all the drives along the coast that had me breathless most all of the time.  Imagine never being able to take your eyes off the water chopping up onto the rocky cliffs and shores. It was so majestic and again I thought about all the history behind this area for not only my heritage but those that sailed on the Titanic.
  3. The next must-do drive in Ireland is to find a castle! There are many castles to see while there – so one can take their pick. Take a look at this list of castles in Ireland to inspire you next beautiful drive in Ireland.







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