Well I have to admit that my entire life I have struggled with hair loss.  Some times it was so much so that doctors did numerous biopsies to see if I had any type of illness or disease.  Most of the time it was diagnosed as Alopecia or just post pregnancy hair loss.  Neither of which was what I wanted to hear nor did the diagnosis grow my hair back.  Later on I had two benign tumors removed from my scalp and my issues with hair loss have continued.  Thus, I research hair loss many days and recently found out that there are new studies being done and I found some of this information while reading the Harley Street Hair Clinic Magazine  and reviewing their Twitter account. Their twitter account keeps one up to date on all the studies being conducted concerning hair loss.

One of the studies has determined that for the first time many scientists found that immune cells directly trigger those stem cells in your skin that make hair grow. When the trigger does not happen your hair follicles just do not know how to do their job. These scientist hope this new discovery could lead to a better understanding of hair loss issues like alopecia and the condition commonly called male-pattern baldness.

Do you suffer from any type of hair loss?  If so there is a lot of respected advice on which types of hair loss can be restored. Some types caused by stress and diet can be reversed but most of them need a professionals care for aid.

FUE Hair Transplants is many times the best course of action.  At the Harley Street Hair Clinic they work with you on this leading edge form of hair transplantation.  It is the most results oriented form of hair replacement. There is a minimal surgical procedure as part of your plan to hair restoration.  The quick recovery time means you will be out letting that hair blow in the wind quick!

After the procedure you will receive tons of great instruction of how to care for your new hair. Do not worry about covering up scars.  Their procedures is different and does not leave the scars normally thought of with hair restoration.

So if you are looking for answers to your hair loss they are here.  You do have options!







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