Do you love a luxury home spa day in your own personal tub?  It is so relaxing, but sometimes one never thinks about the water in the tub.  Maybe you should? I added a water softening system and now my bath time is worry free and relaxing as it should be.

Do you see soap scum accumulate on your dishes and glassware? Well guess what that is on your skin too! Do you feel like you need to use more conditioner than shampoo? Are your clothes coming out of the wash without feeling really clean and smelling fresh even without a ton of fabric softener? Does our laundry feel soft or like sandpaper? If this resonates with you then you may need to check into getting a water softening system installed at your home.  Installing a water softener reduces water hardness making your tasks to clean anything from your face to your shower a lot easier.

So how does your water get hard? As rainwater passes through the earth and into other means of water, it picks up certain “hardness” materials to create “hard water” that will precipitate and clog pipes, and may also damage your appliances.

FullSizeRender-8Ever wonder if you need one?  Try a free test at home.  Morton Salt will send you one by going here. I encourage you to do this simple task and see how it may change your life with one easy installation and super simple maintenance. How would you feel if you were entertaining and pulled out your champagne glasses only to realize they looked dirty? I added a water softening system, so now I can pull out my entertaining glassware with confidence.

We got a water softener almost immediately when we moved into our new home.  I was tired of washing dishes in the dishwasher and they would come out looking still dirty and extremely cloudy.  I had tried the additives and they did not do the trick.  Also as I started reading up on hard water, I was extremely distressed to find out what it was doing to my skin. I love having a super clean feeling skin and also it really being clean so I just had to install one quickly.

We had had one in our other home, so it was not much of a decision of our family.  It was so easy and not a burden on your budget. Very quickly after it was installed all the issues resolved themselves and I was much more at ease with my tasks.

Now my face feels like it should after I rinse, my clothes smell and feel super clean, and cleaning my bathroom seems much easier.

IMG_2172My husband was super excited that I received coupons to discuss the benefits of using Morton Water Softening Salt and my experience with you. After we picked it up it was so easy to open and load into the softener. Also the family loved that their fav game jerseys were super soft and comfortable for the game whether at the stadium or on the couch!

We also installed a new drinking water facet by our kitchen sink, so we have absolutely no need to buy bottled water now.  Our taste is better than many average bottled waters.

There are so many reasons you should soften your water that you wouldn’t even realize them all! How about saving money on your grocery bill? Well I already mentioned there is now no need to buy so much bottled water. Now think less soap required to clean your clothes, no more harsh water stains in your tubs, less buildup in your appliances – need I say more? Having a water softening system and soft water will save you money, precious time, and make you feel much more at your best.

1908081_668977943192672_8329450222448468915_n-2It is all simple chemistry! Who would think about that? My kids loved learning it was actually something they teach at school!

So now it is time for you to check out this informative video by Morton Salt to learn more about how water softeners work!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.