I am all about the all-inclusive holiday. When I am on a holiday or a vacation the last thing I want to do is worry about money, how much stuff costs or exchange rates.  Your mind should be on vacation too! You don’t have to go all-inclusive, but with the levels of service gaining much more luxury status, I have started to seek them out. My favorite luxury all inclusive holiday is the Grand Velas Resort.  It is as luxurious as they get with a world famous spa that features decor that will make you want to stay forever.

Here are my top 10 reasons to stay all-inclusive:

  1. Stress Free – As I mentioned above who wants to think on holiday. With an all-inclusive there is no more digging in your pocket for money or credit cards.  Put them away and enjoy yourself.
  2. Great Values – Believe it or not all-inclusives can be amazing values. You must do your homework and also make sure you know the level and class of food, beverages and activities at the resort you choose.
  3. Save Time – Deciding all is very daunting, but pick a package or level of service and you are over halfway there.  Let an expert decide the way your day should be and just relax.
  4. Safety – I love to stay at the resorts and never leave. Yes sometimes I miss a lot the region has to offer, but I am safe within the nest of the resort where all is taken care of.  When I travel to a luxury resort, I get used to being taken care of and when you leave that comfort you really miss it.  Just stay on property and refresh yourself.
  5. Affordable Luxury/Smart Luxury – If you like to indulge in great wines, lots of activities or enjoy personal service, then this is for you. Choosing a place like Grand Velas will meet all of your needs and you can be smart about your holiday without worry. Use those extra funds for more spa treatments!