Body in balance

Feel better and get a full body workout with Pilates. Fix your weak areas and make them strong. Plus, what you learn can be applied in your everyday life.

Get results

Feel renewed, strong and increase your flexibility, visit Hardcore Pilates. You’ll have fun and see a very notable transformation. Learn the art of concentration. Certified instructors will teach you how to breath and control every move.

Classes or packages

Take a group class or private classes and feel powerful like never before. Choose from one session, unlimited monthly classes. Or, go for a package and get your body in balance.

Customized sessions

Pilates is great for all age levels, athletes, non-athletes, and those in need of rehabilitation. Instructors will tailor classes to meet individual needs.

Certified instructors

Instructors are well-trained, hold the most advanced certifications, and are always furthering their education to meet your expectations. When you take a class at Hardcore Pilates, you’ll experience a mix of classical and modern Pilates instruction.

Sweat Squared

Change your body fast with an intense Pilates class and head to Sweat Squared.

Breakaway and go extreme

Take it to another level with an Xtreme Pilates class. Breaking away from pilates, moves from other exercises are incorporated and muscles are worked to fatigue. Motivation doesn’t stop, expect only great music to be played.

Classes are good for everyone

Classes are open to all levels and can be modified to suit current level. These are very intense, non-traditional Pilates classes. Choose from single sessions or monthly packages.

Go extreme or go home. Be prepared to sweat and condition your full body.

Have fun, set goals and enjoy life. Focus and practice diligently for amazing results.

Incorporate a couple sessions per week and you’ll see a change. Most of all, monitor what you eat for spectacular results.

Intensify your workouts and try Pilates. Feel better and transfer it to your everyday life. Prepare for amazing results and visit your nearest Las Vegas Pilates studio.