It’s BACK! No Not American Idol

SPA WEEK  – An Affordable, Healthy Wellness Lifestyle for All

Remember how much fun we had last year during Spa Week, well this year is only going to be even better!  I have gathered up a few friends and we are heading out to make a day of it.  Now tweet your pals so they too can get the best deals of the year for the most lush experiences of your life!

Sign up quick, since appointments get snatched up!

Ava & Spa Week’s Michelle Lapidos plus pal at the
29 Spa at The Mansion on Peachtree!

Spa Week: An Affordable, Healthy Wellness Lifestyle for All

Spring 2011 Event offers the most cost-conscious way to rejuvenate from the inside out

Spa Week, created in 2004, is the original, largest and most successful Spa Marketing Event in the history of the spa industry. Nearly 1000 spas across North America concluded their participation in the Fall 2010 Event, and bowing to popular demand,  will further expand into even more cities for the Spring 2011 Event. Taking place from April 11th – 17th, the 14th edition of Spa Week will provide consumers across the United States and Canada with the most luxurious and wellness-focused treatments available. Day spas, medical spas, resort spas, yoga and Pilates studios, and fitness/weight-loss centers among other beauty and wellness facilities will offer 2-3 of their most exclusive services, originally costing anywhere from $100 all the way up to $500, for a discounted price of $50 each.   
For seven years now, the signature has afforded consumers nationwide the ability to try different treatment types at different spas, putting an end to the old myth that the spa lifestyle can only be afforded by the rich and famous. With millions still keeping a close eye on their wallets and their healthcare options, the bi-annual Spa Week Events have exposed consumers everywhere to the benefits of including spa services into their health regimen. In fact, Spa Week has proven to be so successful that well over one million affordable spa treatments have been booked and enjoyed since its inception. From stress-busting massages and holistic, immune-boosting treatments like Reiki and Acupuncture to the trendiest and glamorous of services like Botox and Eyelash Extensions, spa-goers can always find an array of services on the Spa Week menu suited to their needs. And best of all, the newly re-designed SpaWeek Gift Cards are accepted during the Spa Week Events, as well as all year long, and never expire.
In order to take advantage of Spa Week, consumers should register on for exclusive information on participating spas and their $50 treatments. It is recommended that consumers book their appointments immediately since they fill up fast!
As always, Spa Week’s goal is to open up the spa industry to the masses by making spa treatments accessible and affordable to all. Aligned with their commitment to reaching the next generation of spa-goers and infusing much-needed new blood into the industry, Spa Week maintains the most popular and active spa page on Facebook, a well-read off-beat spa blog, a Mobile App for iPhone & Android, and introduced the world to an edgy spa video that stirred up some controversy in this otherwise relatively quiet industry.