You may ask what made me think about New Zealand luxury travel – well I first thought about it during a fitness class last week. I was first introduced to New Zealand while training to be a BodyPump instructor. BodyPump was first introduced to the world in New Zealand with a concept by Phillip Mills. His concept was to get more men into the aerobics room and boy did it work. Now multiple types of fitness classes are now in over 70 countries under the umbrella of Les Mills International.

So I am now ready to go back to those New Zealand memories, but this time instead of sweating it out in a fitness class, I want to travel in luxury. Yes this time my adventures will be labeled New Zealand luxury travel! After a quick study, I have found that New Zealand does offer luxury experiences in amazing settings that will impress the most affluent traveler.


Luxury does not always have to be inside in New Zealand. I found that most luxury adventures here involved breathtaking backdrops.  The landscapes take form as the base of a multitude of your luxury activities. How about heli-picnics on tops of mountains where a personal chef is dropped at your locations to be yours for the day. Also imagine the same scenario but on a private beachside location – this time by your chartered boat.


Wineries are also a big part of the luxury aspects in New Zealand.  Just visit your own local wine store and you can see all the offering they provide the upscale wine markets.

Also know that New Zealand hospitality is a special type. It is authentic and real – not the stuffy kind. New Zealand truly delivers one-of-a-kind luxury experiences that allow you to return home fulfilled.


What luxury destination did I pick? My choice is the Sofital Queenstown Hotel and Spa, a metropolitan in town hotel. You know you just can’t take the girl out of the spa. A Turkish Bath never hurt anyone!