Please enjoy my article which was originally published with Working Mother Magazine

When you travel with your family, there usually needs to be a plan.  Some vacation spots even call for a spreadsheet detailing what exact time your family must dine, complete activities, wake up early and possibly even when you need to get in line to do almost anything. Well in Aruba there’s no fast pass needed.  You can vacation on your own time!

Aruba is the most hospitable island I have ever visited.  I do believe that Hospitality 101 must be taught in pre-school there. Every inhabitant is always trying to make sure your holiday is effortless. Yes effortless! Do tell – was your last vacation truly effortless? Other effortless aspects of Aruba include no money exchange needed, most in Aruba speak 4 languages (so save your Rosetta Stone $$$), no electrical converters needed, and also a lovely airport experience.

Just like real estate, the most important aspect of an effortless vacation is location! We have the island of Aruba, now we need the perfect resort. That resort is the Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino. From the moment we walked in the door I knew this was going to be a special place. The honest welcomes and gracious expressions of the team members at there were a view I do not see often, even in all my travel writer journeys. I felt so welcomed.

When staying at the Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino, you can arrive and just relax for a while.  Their beach and pool areas are so inviting, that many may not do much else. Those who are ready for activities only need to venture into the lobby and the concierges will aid them in discovering the entire island.

See below my top 5 family activities in Aruba that can all be effortlessly arranged by the Aruba Marriot Resort and Stellaris Casino.

1.       Aruba Beach Tennis – Get ready to LOVE this sport. I had a lesson from one of the pros and exceeded my own expectation in the first few moments. This sport is about to take over. It started in Aruba, but now has spread to the US. Come to Aruba and be one of the first to experience it and fall in LOVE!

2.       Aruba All Starz Tour – Take one of their island jeep tours from Aruba All Starz Tours to see what truly makes Aruba special.  The north side of the island is undeveloped and has an outback feel. It is a must! Do not leave the island without seeing the it’s natural wonders. The tour also includes a chance to visit Aruba’s hidden gem, a natural pool where you can actually take a swim!

3.       ZUMBA – Right at your resort you can Zumba with your entire family.  Everyone loves Zumba, but Zumba at the beach (sounds like a drink doesn’t it) is even better. The beach, blue skies and ocean breezes make for the perfect place to put a dance floor. The Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino offers complimentary Zumba classes daily.

4.       Red Sail Sports – Red Sail Sports offers a myriad of activities that can please any type of family. You can scuba, snorkel, wind surf and more. For those multi-generational vacations a sunset catamaran cruise is a must-do.

5.       Mandara Spa – Yes this can be a family activity.  I most always take my daughter with me these days for facials and manicures. Also massages are available beach side. Whether you take a family member with you or not, a little Zen for mom is always best for the family!

They call Aruba “One Happy Island” and after your effortless vacation you will be “One Happy Family”!