true_beauty_box_logoWe have all heard about the box. You know the shoebox that you kept your most treasured possessions in when you were 10. You kept it in a special place like under your bed or in the back corner of your closest.  Hoping that your little brother, big sis, or anyone never found it. Well there is a new box for the adult you now that cares as much about you as you did for that box of your childhood.  The True Beauty Box is not your usually beauty box. This box only contains items that care about you! I felt so good knowing they had already determine that the products were going to be of a high standard and free of harsh chemicals. Once you start using natural and organic products you will wonder what the heck you were doing before!

All products are FREE of Parabens, PEG, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, and Synthetic Colors and Cruelty Free!

True Beauty Box is full of 100% natural and cruelty free beauty products, such as Lavera, Benecos, and True Natural.

Here is exactly what the True Beauty Box is all about!


LoveTrueNatural is excited to announce the launch of our True Beauty Box. This month to month subscription program contains 100% natural, full size, trendy and chic beauty products, plus samples and a monthly goodie! You are a True Beauty and deserve the BEST! With a personally curated box you are sure to get your look every time! We are on a mission to show women natural cosmetics are effective and anything but boring!

LoveTrueNatural has created a quiz to determine women’s beauty profile. Simply take the beauty profile quiz, choose the style of box you want (Flirt, Veganista, or Indulge), and purchase. This personally curated gift will be sent to your door every month, free of shipping charges! So treat yourself, you are a True Beauty and deserve the the best. Discover how the True Beauty Box cares about you today.