Organic soap and spaLately I never want to leave the shower. I have been using a couple of new products from Organic Soap and Spa and the scent has me in a trance while showering. I start washing my hair with the Rosemary Mint 97% Organic Shampoo and my thoughts just zone out. I have to finally realize that I need to finish up and get ready for work. So, I move on to the 80% Organic Rosemary Mind Conditioner and it starts all over again. I going to call this the “Rosemary Zone”.  The “Rosemary Zone” is a state of Zen that comes when you use these products from Organic Soap and Spa. If you have always been a Rosemary fan or are just now discovering it – you have to check this product out.

So if you are ready to stop dousing yourself with chemicals each morning (what a way to start the day), then start checking the labels of the soap products that you use each day. Check out the best organic, Anchor Text: eco friendly shampoo and conditioner in Australia online.

To help you get the ball rolling on your organic journey Organic Soap and Spa has given us a few tips for the transition from chemical based shampoo to an organic based one, which can sometimes be surprising. Here are a few pointers:

1.  If you normally use more than 1 hair product (post shampooing, that is) you may need to lather your hair twice. Otherwise, once should do it.

2.  It will take your hair and scalp about 2-4 shampoos to reach a balance pH.

3.  Organic shampoo does not strip your natural oils, but ironically this can feel strange at first, as if your hair is not “completely clean”. Trust that it is, since this is what your hair really feels like in its natural state!

4.  Organic Soap and Spa conditioner should follow your Organic Soap and Spa Shampoo.  It is lighter and rinses cleaner than chemical conditioners and will not weigh your hair down.

5.  If your hair is really dry or damaged, you can ad a little bit o conditioner after towel drying your hair for some extra moisture.

Some people have reported that their hair has more curl and body after the adjustment period (Spa Travel Gal’s did).  The organic shampoo has not changed your hair; it’s just not weighted down now with chemicals and unneeded products, thus has now reach it’s neutral pH level!

I want to thank Organic Soap and Spa for sending me this amazing organic shampoo and conditioner.  I truly feel that it has made my hair healthier and happier. All the tips about are very accurate and are spot on. Also know that this product is very reasonable for this type of organic quality.  

Ready for some Rosemary Zen?