It was the philosopher Voltaire who said to judge people by their questions, not their answers. Asking questions is the way we get to know the world we live in. Traveling is the body’s way of asking questions. It is the physical version of getting to know the world. Taking in the beautiful sights of tropical forests, deep blue oceans, and snow-capped mountains can make us more connected with the environments we live in. As summer approaches, we should all make time to travel this year.We can’t be open to exploring, however, if we are not relaxed. With such a foundational focus on mental release and wellness, spas are great places to get into the best mindset for taking the world in, through all our senses. The next time you want to go on vacation, consider looking for travel deals at spa resorts, and truly come home feeling cleansed, relaxed and enriched.

For one example of a great place to visit, take The Elounda Spa at Blue Palace Spa Resorts in Greece. It is specifically built to capitalize on the scenic views that surround it. Twenty-three treatment rooms are situated on the beach against the backdrop of ocean water and its horizon. The spa’s treatment philosophy, Thalassotherapy, is centered on the marine beauty it describes. It comes from the Greek word “Thalassa”, which means “sea” or “ocean”, and treatments are designed to apply the elements of natural salt water to your body and mind. These natural ingredients include thermal clay, seaweed, and plankton.

For those who are concerned about the costs of flying to Europe, the Miiamo Spa at Enchantment Spa Resorts in Arizona is another incredible spa that is much closer to home. In addition to the treatment rooms within the spa, the resort also has spa-style guest rooms, and the pools overlook beautiful views of the landscape.


Another great option is the Angsana Spa at Angsana Ihuru in the Maldives, which has truly stunning surroundings. The spa tries to capitalize on the views by arranging helicopter rides, which show you a nearby isolated island and miles of sun-kissed water.

The entire resort and spa experience takes advantage of the scenic luxury in all areas of the property. Guests can even take a relaxing swim around the entire island, with snorkeling equipment, to explore the reef below the bright blue waters.

If you like the idea of going somewhere cooler, one of the best options is Juvet Landscape Hotel & Spa in Norway. This spa is a hidden gem within Europe’s first landscape hotel. The resort holds a small handful of detached guesthouses, all with breathtaking panoramic views of the rugged landscape surrounding them.

Another option is The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Iceland. Considered one of National Geographic’s 25 “Wonders of the World”, this spa is not only beautiful, but also incredibly soothing for visitors. Every 40 hours, the Lagoon’s six million liters of geothermal water is renewed. There is a sauna, two steam baths, and a waterfall, so a visit to this spa resort will not fail to hydrate.