You’ve rested, de-toxed and meditated during your spa retreat. You’ve been pampered and massaged; worked out and stretched. You’ve had facials, manicures and pedicures…you’ve been slathered from head to toe with luxurious creams and rejuvenating tinctures. You’ve enjoyed the finest in organic healthy cuisine. Your body, mind and spirit are in balance. You feel good. You feel really, really good. And then the day approaches. THAT day.

spa retreat

It’s time to go home.

In a perfect world, you are refreshed, ready, and raring to go. You can’t wait to tackle that next mountain!

“Not exactly, ” you say? You aren’t looking forward to work on Monday? You’re joking, right? What’s wrong with you!

Nothing, of course. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. When it’s time to head home after spa retreat vacation – especially a spa vacation – no one REALLY wants to go. Just about everyone longs for just “one more day”.

So here is a new idea. Don’t go home.

How about really doing it. No, really. Really taking that ‘one more day”.

Crazy talk? Completely impractical? Not necessarily. Not with a little bit of foresight and planning ahead.

You DO have to leave your spa retreat at some point, so this isn’t really about extending your stay. It’s about adding a stopover on your way back home to ease the transition. Depending on your budget and your taste, this ‘secret trip’ may be an overnight stay at a local landmark or a posh hotel not far from the spa, or perhaps a weekend visiting a friend who lives somewhere between the spa and home. It could even be a quick jaunt to a tropical island for a night or two- there are often sweet deals for weekenders available via online travel sites. Planning an add-on trip in advance makes the last day at the spa so much easier. You have another treat to look forward to! You’ve organized some separate clothing and toiletry items in a little overnight bag that you’ve tucked away in your luggage; you’ve tended to all the little details. Book your plane ticket or budget car rental in advance to get the best rate, and purchase a few special travel goodies to get ready for your jaunt, like a map and a travel mug . Maybe a special book to start reading during your “get away after the get away”.

Tip: There can be a spa nearby your buffer night too!