0212-travelWith all of the hazards that go along with travel these days, having the right kind of travel insurance is a necessity. However, travel insurance can be quite difficult to find as many agents and companies simply do not have the flexibility to cover the travel hazards that you will face.

I have faced this problem firsthand and I have only been able to find one travel insurance company that has been able to keep up with me. The good people at Kanetix.ca have insurance for all of my needs and I will never use another company again.

The single instance that set Kanetix.ca head and shoulders above the competition was when I had to call them from Singapore. I had just been pickpocketed and all of my money was gone. I did not even have enough money to get back to my hotel. The only people that I could call were Kanetix, and they had my problem solved within the hour. Let’s just say that I might not be here writing this article if not for the quick and precise service of Kanetix.

When I use these guys, I feel completely protected. With them, I know that I do not have to worry about an insurance company that will do anything to keep from paying a claim. If you are a traveler or you wish to be, then you owe it to yourself to get your travel insurance from Kanetix. There is no company that I have seen with better service.