Soak away your stress while celebrating National Bubble Bath Day with a bath or a shower. So why not celebrate it with a bath like the Romans so loved.  When I was in Bath, England a few years ago I was rather exhausted and sorry to say little tired of “history” that day.  BUT please don’t tell my Mom, she has something like a Doctorate in History and more! Well, I will say as we waited our turn to enter the famous baths in Bath, England suddenly I realized I was in the most original and ornate spa of all! It is a UNESCO World Heritage sight. It was amazing how they truly enjoyed bathing and lounging.  They have one of what I would think is the very first hot tubs and spas areas into the inner areas just outside the ladies lounge. Then when you enter the ladies area you will see how they heated the stone floors with hot water from the underneath.  After seeing this yes I had the urge to jump in as many do, but they warn you the water is not suitable for human consumption or bathing these days so I let the urge to jump in as many do, but they warn you the water is not suitable for human consumption or bathing these days so I let the urge pass.

Well we can still enjoy baths just like the Romans today on National Bubble Bath Day or any day you want to refresh.  So whether you take a bath, a shower or both, be sure to gather up your shower supplies to be prepared.  This throwback post is preparing you for all the UNESCO sites that I visited while in Germany.  Germany is the home of the original spa day! Here baths are downright sacred!  Both Baden-Baden and Wiesbaden have  the world’s oldest spa towns.  I see this as a place where I must spend a lot of time in the hopefully not so distant future!

 Fun Bath Facts

In Ancient Rome, citizens bathed daily at the Roman baths, which often included a soak in the caldarium (hot tub), some detoxing in the laconicum (sauna), finished with a refreshing swim in the frigidarium (cold pool).

Early plumbing systems for bathing go back as far as around 3300 BC with the discovery of copper water pipes beneath a palace in the Indus Valley Civilization of ancient India Pedestal Tubs, unlike other clawfoot-style tubs, do not actually have claw feet. The tub rests on a pedestal in what most would term an art deco style. Evidence of pedestal tubs dates back to the Isle of Crete in 1000 BC.

In the latter half of the 20th century, the once popular clawfoot tub morphed into a built-in tub with a small apron front. The Crane Company introduced colored bathroom fixtures to the US market in 1928. Today you can see more modernized versions. Kohler sinks have several color basin options for example.

Up until the late 1940s, many Americans only bathed once a week for personal hygiene.

Leave me a comment below about what you plan to do or would like to do on National Bubble Bath Day! I will send one commenter a National Bubble Bath Day Prize!