You may wonder why would one want to stay near the spa. You may ask “Is going to the spa not enough?” Well the answer is now NO! Who would want to just go to a spa when they can spend the night? Remember that movie “A Night in the Museum”, where every corner of the museum was met with amazement and life holding much more intrigue than ever imagined? That is what a night on the Spa Level at The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead is like whether in a spa suite or spa room. Just when you think you have seen all that you could imagine something else amazes you. My stay in a Spa Suite left me in awe my entire stay – add a few spa treatments to that and it is a wonder they ever got me to leave! The Molton Brown toiletries in the huge bathroom are still calling my name!

While there you are first in line to have our own spa concierge arrange some spa treatments for you to enjoy during your stay. Their Spa Warming Rituals are much more than just a spa treatment. They are a series of steps that transform you and your skin into the best state it can be. My spa ritual was the Red Wine Firming Facial. I have had a ton of so called firming facials, but this one actually changed my face immediately with a very noticeable increased firmness and lift.  As I went through the next week in my every day life I had numerous people ask me quietly what had I had done! The answer was not an invasive treatment, but a Spa Ritual at the Spa Level at The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead. These Spa Rituals are seasonal, so hurry in now to get either a “Hot Toddy for the Body” or a “Red Wine Firming Facial” as I had. The Spa Warming Rituals are designed to warm both your body and soul.

photo-33As the word gets out about this most unique private floor or “spa level” of the hotel these rooms are sure to become the hottest ticket in town, since they are perfect for almost anyone (including guys)! Reasons to stay on the spa level are various. It is the perfect fit for so many types of experiences: girlfriend getaways, detox experiences, refresh yourself adventures, business trip oasis, yoga retreats, Zen escapes, romantic evenings, birthday celebrations (as was my weekend) or just a need to push the reboot button on life!

photo-34Don’t forget you can have the famous Ritz-Carlton Afternoon Tea right downstairs, also an experience that is a must (multiple times for some of us)! So plan your time in a spa suite or spa room on the Spa Level at The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead today!  You deserve it!

Enjoy this glimpse into the Top Spa Suite in the U.S. I found that nothing was spared in the design to insure you enjoy an experience that will refresh yourself today or any day!