Just because I enjoy luxury travel does not mean that I always like to pay for it.  Don’t get me wrong. I want to pay a fair price for the services received.  What I really don’t want to do is pay more than anyone else for luxury travel. As I have traveled extensively recently to many international luxury destinations these are a few of the tried and true tips I have found for luxury travel.

1. First and foremost travel offseason for luxury travel.  Nothing is worse than someone else in your view as you peek over your tropical cocktail from your beach chair.  This might be a totally difference time that is considered offseason in the US when travel internationally so do your homework.

44178_10151099190073089_1811844628_n2. Start thinking early. If you think you want to go to a luxury resort in The Ritz-Carlton chain get The Ritz-Carlton credit card to start banking up those points. Did you know that three times a year you get upgrades for your entire stay to the club floor? This is enough to make me say this is the card for me. Club floor also mean almost anything you can imagine as daily treats for the taste buds and senses. My favorite room at a Ritz-Carlton are the spa rooms and spa suites on the Spa Level at The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead in Atlanta, GA.

3.  Decide how you will carry your money during the trip.  Not just in the physical sense (like hidden money clip or those hideous around the neck under the shirt pocketbooks), but more functional.  Many luxury travelers are looking for a second home while they are on island like St. Kitts that has major perks to real estate ownership. The St. Kitts Marriott Resort and The Royal Beach Casino is a perfect place to stay while searching for your castaway dreams. The thoughts of someday actually living on this island makes me add to my savings daily. If you lived on this tropical island you would have the ability and need for an international bank account.  These types of accounts make it easier when sending money abroad for your finances back in the states or for those relatives back home you can use LloydsTSB International.

59346_10151554037197729_78617672_n-24.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Whether it is from a bespoke travel agent with real location expertise about Hawaii vacation rentals or your own luxury hotel concierge. If you have made it up to the club floor you can have your champagne in hand while the club floor concierge snags those hard to get reservations for the hot spots OR as in the case in Panama you might get to visit the rainforest in a canoe to dine and dance with the Embera Tribe in their own village!

5.  Loosen Up! Luxury travel is not uptight. Tourism industry and hospitality industry employees want you to have fun. I have found that most are truly grateful that you have chosen their region to spend your vacation.  They want you to enjoy yourself and have fun.  The most gracious I have found recently were at the Westin Bonita Playa in Panama.  The resort is owned by the Bern Hotels and Resorts. To insure hospitality in their resorts, not only do they only hire those with a serving spirit they also have their own hospitality school in Panama to train all their team members in the most hospitable ways!