Recently, many spas have been touting their availability of seasonal spa treatments. Pumpkin seems to be the facial theme of choice for fall spa specials. I have to wonder sometimes why, if seasonal picks are such a wonderful treatment, are they not on the spa menu the entire year? Recently, while reviewing spa menus as part of my spa consulting services, I came across a true spa menu for all seasons. Here, seasons are not determined by the calendar, but by your own body’s needs.

At the Siam Kempinski hotel in Bangkok, their luxury spa assesses clues about your “seasonal self” to determine a customized spa journey. Thus, only the very best spa therapies are determined for your absolute rejuvenation.

Where is this all accomplished? In an herbal-scented, seventh floor hideaway within the luxury hotel. This most distinctive spa is a tranquil, relaxed setting, that takes away all of the stresses of your outside life. Also, the meticulously chosen menu of treatments will ensure the perfect aid to your rejuvenation awaits here.

One could let their journey begin with a wealth of crown to toe experiences, like the grouping of customised therapeutic treatments included in the 3-hour “Your Seasonal Journey” spa package. As with all seasonal treatments, it begins with a consultation with the therapist to determine what is needed to restore both your inner and outer beauty. The “Your Seasonal Journey” spa package will reconnect you to nature’s rhythm and rekindle your zest for life.

With all treatments at Kempinski The Spa, you are invited to relax in the sauna, stream room and Jacuzzi to prep for the experience. Time for reflection is spent at the spa’s relaxation lounge, where one can take in the feeling of the new you.

Begin your own personal season of relaxation at Kempinski The Spa at the Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok!