Did you take the CHALLENGE? If so you could possibly win big from Spa Travel Gal and Anastasia of Beverly Hills!

Summer has us all thinking about water, but Spa Travel Gals tend to think more about waterproof especially when it comes to our make up. Anastasia has just the answer to that for us. First see here about Lash Genius

First Anastasia gave us Lash Genius which I am not able to live without on any day I venture outside for an activity or even into a sauna. What did they now go and do for us? Anastasia has given us a kit that will enable us to See and Be Seen Today and stay fresh through out the summer. So refresh your face and try this kit from Anastasia today! Take a look at it below.

The limited edition See and Be Seen makeup kit will only be available in stores for the next three or four weeks!!! Make sure you pick one up!


TIP: HydraFull Gloss in Plastic and Heiress moisturize and condition your lips and leave you with a lasting wash of ultra-bright waterproof color.

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