Mission: See and Be Seen Fellow Spa Gal

Deadline: Summer 2012

This tape below will self-destruct if you do not view within the next 3 minutes!

Good Luck!

As we look forward to the sun filled days of summer, lash lovers everywhere are looking for a way to waterproof their lashes while trying to beat the heat at the beach, in the pool, or while working towards that bikini body at the gym. Also Spa Gals everywhere want to have lashes that take them from sauna to massage without coming out with raccoon eyes. Spa Gal Ava has tested Lash Genius for months and found that it really does work for at least 24 hours. That is as long as I went without using my trusty Clarisonic to cleanse my face from everything!

Would you like a tube of Lash Genius of your very own? Just watch the video and tell me one face you saw there about Lash Genius then put that in a comment below along with your email!

Good Luck with your Mission