Take a Walk on the Wild Side at Noah’s Ark

Do you want to take visit somewhere you will never forget? This is the perfect place for families, singles and couples!  The place for you is Noah’s Ark in Locust Grove, Georgia and this is the perfect week to visit.  The weather is great for strolling down their lovely paths to view wildlife like you have never seen before! Also all the animals are out and active due to the fall weather.

Plan your trip today and you will be talking about it the rest of your life.

Noah’s Ark is a place that I used to volunteer at each and every Saturday before I had little animals of my own (aka children).  It was what I looked forward to every week.  Now that my kids are much older, they too have been volunteering at Noah’s Ark.  I joined them yesterday to revisit a place that is so dear to me, we purchased 10 acres nearby, but today we have it for sale due to a change on our empty next future plans! If you are interested just send me an email at the link to the right on the sidebar.

My longtime readers know how I love a movie tie in and Noah’s Ark has not let us down! Are there any Wizard of Oz fans out there?  “Oh My” at Noah’s Ark you can actually see a Lion, Tiger and Bear living together in perfect harmony.  Baloo, Shere Khan and Leo have even been featured on many major news outlets like The Today Show, CNN and National Geographic.  Do not waste another afternoon sitting in a movie theater at a premium price.  Even 3D Vision Glasses cannot come close to seeing Noah’s Ark’s animals in habitats created to match their own native environments.  You are close enough to see their amazing personalities shine and lighten up your day.  All this is FREE!

TIP:  Do not miss the young rising stars Little Anne, Doc and Leonard.  This tiny bear and her two tiger cub amigos love to play in the creek and with each other.  Watch Little Anne boss her roommates around in her own sweet way.  These little stars will soon outgrow their studio apartment space and need a little room to grow, so although there is no admission fee; donations are always accepted.  That includes all type of animal supplies including food.

INTERESTING FACT:  It is not a myth.  Bears really do have a sweet tooth! They love more things sweet than honey.  Do not miss feedings.  Baloo has a few favorite foods that you may have in your cupboard right now!

Schedule a tour and Take a Walk on the Wild Side


HOURS: Open Tuesday through Saturday – Admission Free
Animal Habitats:  12 Noon until 3:00pm (weather permitting)

The Ark Office: 9:00am to 4:00pm Tue.–Fri. 770-957-0888

Tours: Self Guided: Tuesday-Saturday 12:00 Noon – 3:00pm Free

Walk on the Wild Side Tours (behind the scenes group tours) by appt.

More Details:  Website:  Noah’s Ark  http://www.noahs-ark.org/

Please call before coming to ensure that the habitat is open.