Treasures Found on St. Simons Island – The King and Prince Resort

When passing by a doorman when entering a resort you expect to hear “Be Our Guest”, but would you expect this out of each and every resident in the entire town? You have not just arrived to Fantasy Island, but visit St. Simons Island and you may wonder if you have found yourself in a mystical place.  A place where everyone may not know your name, but sure act as if they want to get to know you.  This has to be the most hospitable town around even for the South.  It is enchanted by many locals who are the most gracious hosts around; whether you are in their establishment or just crossing the street.  It is as if their goal in life is to make sure that each and every visitor to the island has the most enjoyable vacation of their life!
Close your eyes, now imagine a sleepy little quaint southern town; add a historic resort The King and Prince, an ocean, a white sandy beach, fine dining with top chefs, loads of bike trails, plenty of nature and yes even a spa cottage.  The result is a place that many may not believe still exists.  While there one will discover that St. Simon’s Island is a real live breathing town with two schools, opening day little league baseball and community residents with lifetimes of stories.  When you travel to St. Simons, you too get to become a local.  Hang out by the village pier for the 5 o’clock breezes and you may even be privy to some local gossip. 
In the coming days I will be sharing more about this amazing destination where one can get lost in being a foodie, a cyclist, an art lover, a beach bum and more!
I look forward to telling you about the treasures I found on the island while staying at The King and Prince Resort!