Romantic Alys Beach – A Street of Dreams
 (Part 1)

Have you ever awoken from a dream unsure if whether you were still dreaming?

That is how I felt my entire dreamy romantic weekend at Alys Beach. 
My husband and I arrived after a peaceful ride from Atlanta (yes peace does still exist in a childless car).  I was in such an odd state of awareness able to take in all the lovely small towns in route to our romantic beach retreat.  We had such a lovely ride from Atlanta on a Friday afternoon.  We encounter no traffic and of course did not whine about missing that horrendous Friday commute home.  I guess my dreamy feeling actually started in the car in route there.   The journey was such a straight shot from Atlanta, earning Alys Beach of the Beaches of South Walton the title of one of Atlanta’s Beaches.  It seemed like we were only a peaceful daily commute away to our romantic getaway!
Only a few hours earlier we had skedaddled away from work and now quickly found ourselves at Alys Beach just after dusk.  We were escorted to our weekend home by security.  As we walked into our courtyard, I truly did not know how I felt since I could not believe what was before my eyes.  This area only needed a few fairies to upgrade it to true dreamland.  Immediately I never wanted to leave, but a hungry hubbie overtook my dream. 
You may already be wondering where is this dreamland Alys Beach.  Well as you reach the area of 30A where it is located you may think your GPS led you to Miami!  Each side of the road is lined with full size lush palm trees swaying in the wind!

You know I had to have a movie tie in!
This is not your childhood beach vacation trip!

  I mean that in a good – no a great way! 

This romantic weekend called for a trip to one of the conveniently located grocery stores for some wine and cheese, but a hungry hubbie had something quite different in mind.  His dream included some old dining haunts and one was Captain Anderson’s. Even though Alys is not your parent’s beach, it still is conveniently located to some sentimental favorites like Captain Anderson’s in Panama City and the Donut Hole in Destin.  Both of which make my romantic partner very happy!
After we returned to our “home” at Alys, I reached for my camera to take a few pics.  My focus was a little hazy as my eye was drawn to a few items decorating my dream.  Before I could click anymore I had floated off to dreamland to arise in the morning.
Well between recently attending Lavish in Atlanta, a conference full of designers and watching way too many episodes of American Pickers, I awoke and concluded that I was experiencing a lucid dream but hesitated when I thought to ask my husband to pinch me.  Did I really want this dream to end?

A lucid dream, in simplest terms, is a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming.

I concluded that I was having a “false awakening” as dream scientists name the sensation.  Since certainly it was not possible to awaken in real life within the pages of House Beautiful or Coastal Living magazines!
Dream to be continued –
      Stay tuned for many more dreamy episodes of my Romantic Alys Beach Dream!!!

Alys Beach was featured in the May 2010 issue of Coastal Living.  Alys Beach is among the best beaches to “see and be seen” on a very prestigious and world famous list !

You will hear about more about this wonderful destination including dining, recreation, shopping and of course spa tips!  

Chat soon!

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