Now I know that we all just felt as if we just went through a blizzard, whether you are up North in Frosty Michigan or down in Sunny Miami. So I do believe that none of us had much time for idle chatter or random thoughts about skincare (even me!). Well I just got some new products by one of the leading skincare experts around. I started using them without a plan or thought as to what I wanted the outcome to be for my efforts. I was like a kid in a candy store without any plan, but to gobble up all that I came in contact with until I found a Golden Ticket! Well I found that Golden Ticket.

As I bent over my sink throwing (yes throwing) things in a my new Samsonite Boarding Spinner, I looked up at my shiny new glass bottles of skincare products trying to decide which ones I needed to take with me. I then looked back down into my luggage to see how much room I still had (or in other words “how much more could I squeeze in without breaking anything). As I did I saw an image in the mirror. I quickly looked back up thinking it was just a random reflection.  I then took another look, but again rushing my glance back down, since my other hand was still pushing items down to make more room in my luggage.
I soon realized that I need to take Not a Double, But a Triple take to see what it was that I was seeing reflected in the mirror. It was me! Why did I not recognize the side of my own face each time as I peered that way? (I know what you are thinking and yes I did have my contacts in!) As I took a closer look, my little voice quickly said “Think, think, what did you use last night and this morning!” It was COLD PLASMA by Dr. Perricone! My skin looked so fresh and younger! Yes I am going out on a limb and say it looked younger. My proof is that as my daughter even remarked while we were looking at a wonderful Christmas photo album that yes we did look alike! Get a young girl to admit that she looks like her mother and you know it is a holiday miracle. Well Dr. Perricone is the creator of this miracle and for this I pronounce him a Miracle Maker.
Look at what is beside my sink now!  
Cold Plasma – The New Paradigm In Skin Care From Perricone MD!
Well here is my new baby! This eye cream is the ONLY one I have ever had results from overnight! You will get a glow so good that no one will know you were out until the wee hours of the morning even your boss! 
You must check it out! Dr. Perricone is the “BOSS”!

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye .5 oz