Everyone likes a Bonus.  It does not really have to be any particular kind if it is unexpected.  These days any type of bonus or something free is very unexpected.  So, that is why I wanted to be able to share something with all of my followers.  Blogs Budgets (are there such a thing?) don’t really allow me to send each of you a bonus primarily due to shipping. So here are some of my favorite free things!!!!

Bonus One – Free Spa Music (Lots of Choices)  Shriley Cason is Great!
 Bonus Two – Free Spa Recipes

Canon Ranch Watermelon Mint Lemonade http://tinyurl.com/2c7kh62

Fitness Coffee smoothie recipes! http://bit.ly/9nJyNy
Gourmet Health Conscious Enriched Coffee – What more can we ask for? 

We live a fast paced life full of constant change, stress and uncertainty. This leads to sleep deprivation, poor nutrition and a body that is begging for help. Fitness Coffee is an all natural product designed to replenish the body without changing your passion for coffee. With over 16 of the healthiest and most beneficial ingredients, Fitness Coffee is designed to replenish your body with powerful antioxidants and nutrients. With 3.5 times the amount of antioxidants found in green tea, you do not have to give up your daily cup of delicious coffee to give your body what it needs. 

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Sorry wish I could share these, but don’t have any myself just now!

One of My Favorite Things! Veris Apothecary Candles

All of these things are some of my favorite things!
Please leave me a comment and share with me yours!