Hi Everyone! Thanks to Life-flo I have a new outlook on life and you can too. Who wants to feel empowered? I know I do each and every day. I have found a company that feels the same way and they too are empowering and supporting women through times of change and transition, whether it is perimenopause or menopause, Life-flo offers you support and balance. I want to introduce you to the products that I discovered in the Magnesium Collection. These products are derived from nature and have changed my view on life and can possibly help you too. We all need products to be our partners on our wellness journey. Life-flo can be your partner. 

Life-flo: Empowering women during times of change

First, I want to enlighten you about my new nightly bath ritual. I utilized the Life-flo flakes to fill my tub with wellness. Their Pure Magnesium Flakes are crystals made of magnesium chloride from the Netherland’s ancient Zechstein Seabed. I like to add a bunch to my bath, and they recommend adding one to three cups of the flakes when making your own warm bath.Then I put on some spa music and soak until someone missing me – most likely the dogs – comes to find me. They can sense how much calmer I feel and usually just lay down beside the tub for a little Zen time of their own, too. After my soak, my muscles and entire body feels soothed and refreshed. A huge bonus is my skin is uber hydrated and feels great.

After a soak in the tub my mind feels calm and free. 

I also thought about utilizing the flakes as a foot soak for those days I don’t have time for a full bath soak. We have all had those days when your feet are in need of  relaxation and you’ve been on your feet too long.

The Life-flo Magnesium Collection also includes: 

Pure Magnesium Oil  – Great for targeted relief post shower, throughout the day or on the go

Pure Magnesium Flakes – Ultimate mind and body relaxation, soothes muscles and softens skin

Magnesium Lotion – Unwind before bedtime or after a long day by massaging in lotion, use as a daily lotion, made with shea butter and coconut oil to hydrate skin

Magnesium Gel – Highly concentrated, great for post workout relief and targeted restoration

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We only have one life and we need to live it well. I am trying to do that naturally in every aspect of my life when I can. Life-flo feels this way too and I feel great about having a partner on this wellness journey. 

Balance in life is so important and I feel I can do that better after I use their products (especially a day after a soak in the tub with their magnesium flakes). Balance can be hard to achieve with all the responsibilities that come with being in your 40s and 50s. I now know this way too well. MY kids are grown, but other life aspects take their place. I use Life-flo, for body, mind and balance. Women in midlife need to make taking care of themselves a top priority.  

Do not get me wrong, I still want to prioritize family but work, body changes, mental health, and physical health also need a place on the priority list. That is why your self-care is so important. What is self-care you say? Self-care is any wellness ritual, whether you have 5 minutes to spare or an entire hour.

You must develop your own self-care ritual and/or routine to fit it in it seemlessly (or with as little stress as you can).

Look for nature-derived products to aid your wellness and any ailments, as I do. Trust me – quick fixes do not work. Think long term. Many of the Life-Flo products are best for a long-term self-care plan. Don’t forget to stop by today and save 20% by using promo code AVA20 on your order! 

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