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Who wants to miss their final boarding call or an important goodbye when at the airport?!?!?! Not me! That is why it was so important to me to get to know Noopl better. I have enjoyed using and discovering all that I have been missing out on – BUT now I don’t miss out on any important words or emotions with my own Noopl!

I will never need to ask anyone to repeat themselves or have to say the dreaded “huh?” ever again when I am using Noopl!

Noopl is made for anyone who has difficulty hearing in noisy places, like a crowded restaurant. It uses Airpods Pro dynamic head tracking to sense where you are looking and focus on the conversations you want to hear.

My Favorite Use of Noopl

Travel is one of the times I really need help with my hearing. Travel means you need to hear precise information about connections etc. AND when you are out of the country you are also handling accents. There have been many times I have been trying to get train information from someone in a ticket booth in another country and cannot hear them due to all the extra noise from the train station – same at airports. Now don’t get me started about trying to hear on an airplane. The roar of the plane makes it sometimes hard to hear the person right next to me. I am super excited to take Noopl with me on a trip to Germany tomorrow!

Noopl Technology

Well I have to use a lot of tech in my job sometimes, so when I first got Noopl, I was not sure how long of a learning curve it would have…WELL I found out easily. Yesterday at the airport with my daughter Alexis and her friend Taylor, I took it out of the box to block out all the extra noise and chatter around the airport and hear them tell me a proper goodbye and me to them also.

I downloaded the Noopl app over the airport wifi and opened it up. Within seconds it was working without me doing practically anything, but putting in my AirPods Pro. I was amazed and they were watching my face show that amazement. This has to be the simplest product on the market for increased hearing. I do know that Noopl is the most advanced hearing enhancement accessory for the iPhone that allows you to hear clearly in noisy places so you can connect better with those around you.

See this amazing video of me with Noopl in use at the airport on this Instagram Reel!

Where to Use Noopl

Well my first place of use was an airport and later that evening in a restaurant with friends. I was so excited to be able not only to hear better without the extra noise of the restaurant, the person beside me, but also the person down at the end of the table. I know I will now be able to hear it all!

Noopl believes that capturing the nuances of every conversation adds clarity and vibrance to our lives.
So there are many uses and locations for where to use Noopl and you will see that most of them are everyday uses. You can use it at your local coffee shop. Those places really get a lot of chatter. How about a sporting event, such as at a local high school, college or a professional sporting event, etc. – those are really some loud places that impair anyone’s ability to hear clearly.
One of my favorite places to use mine is a restaurant as I discussed above. You can hear all the girl gossip now from possibly even the next table. :)

My number one place to use mine now is during travel, like at the airport. Who wants to miss their final boarding call or an important goodbye when at the airport? Those are important moments and should be captured by you.

A super important place to use your Noopl is in a noisy work environment. No one wants to get or convey the wrong information. Also, you do not want to miss important points of any meeting or discussion – especially with your boss!
Don’t forget you may need it at the grocery store too. Have you ever asked the cashier twice what the dollar amount was of your total and felt like you needed help hearing? I have.

Also, some amazing news is that Noopl has a promise to you. Noopl’s promise is that you’ll be completely satisfied, guaranteed. They offer a 90-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty.

By being someone that really needs this product, I can assure you it is amazing and I know you will also find times of need for it in all parts of your life too!

Enjoy not missing a thing with Noopl!








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