Most people who have been to China before know Shanghai as the most populated city in China and the 3rd largest in the entire Asia continent. Those who live in Shanghai know the city as a global finance hub – a place where modern skyscrapers blend with ancient buildings such as those built amid the colonial era. Whether you have visited the city before or are making efforts to come here this festive season, you will agree that Shanghai offers more than you can explore – unless you spend years in the city. Other than admiring its centuries-old-buildings, you will want to explore other attractions such as the Huangpu River, Shanghai Tower, beautiful city parks, gardens, the city’s Museums, etc. If you have only one day to tour the city, you will probably get confused. This is because the city has a million attractions and hence you determine where to be and at what time will not only be overwhelming but also hectic. We understand the challenge and we commit ourselves to help you get out of the & ;confusion zone’. Here we will highlight the most crucial aspects to pay attention to when you come to Shanghai for your one-day exploration. This guide is useful to both novice and returning visitors. Assuming you landed in Shanghai, China at night (like the case with most international flights) you should take a room and get enough rest. This will help to prepare you for the next day’s excursions.

Exploring sites & food of Shanghai 1-day Tour!

1.Enjoy Shanghai Cuisine


As soon as you enter Shanghai, China, you will notice one thing – food is available everywhere! Go to the furthest street corner or go to the city’s central business district and you will find delicious meals all over. When you wake up ready for your one-day

exploration, begin the day by taking a warm breakfast at any of the many hotels in the city. There are both Chinese and international hotels – you are the one to determine where you want to be. No matter the dining joint you choose to go to – be certain of one thing, sweet and refreshing meals. 

2.Go to Centaury Park and Do Some Exercise

If you know the importance of doing regular exercises, then you should not overlook the need to go to Century Park. For your information, this is the largest park in Shanghai and is situated close to Pudong -where you will see skyscrapers. Being large in size and capacity, the park offers enough room for people looking to do some exercise as they explore the surrounding. It is the best place to come with your kids, friends or colleagues. There is enough playing ground for both kids and adults so never limit your fun. The Centaury Park features a lake where you can ride electric boats. If boating isn’t your thing, you can hire bikes and ride. There are bike races for both kids and adults. Coming to the Centaury Park in groups and with a camera will add to the fun. 

3.Experience a Thrill at Skywalk

Shanghai’s skywalk is approximately 340 m or 1,115 Ft above the ground and 60 m long. On its 88th floor, there is a huge observatory from where you can see the whole city of Shanghai, China from above. Go to the Grand Hyatt’s Hotel and order some coffee for refreshment as you admire the beauty of the city from an elevated viewing point. The Skyway is found at Jin Mao Tower and was founded in 2016. It’s a must-see for people who want to have a better view of the city. If you are a picture lover, you will never forgive yourself if you walked out of Shanghai without experiencing the thrill at Shanghai’s skywalk. Here you can capture some amazing photos to marvel at your Instagram friends.

4.Huangpu River Cruise


Yet another thing you should not miss when you come to Shanghai, China is the Huangpu River Cruise. In fact, this is the most recommended way to explore the colonial buildings at The Bund and Shanghai’s skyscrapers. Make sure you have a camera to record the beauty you can see. The cruise will be unforgettable if you include your family or friends. The best time to enjoy the Huangpu River Cruise is in the evening when you are almost getting worn out after a busy day of exploration.

5.Explore the Neighborhoods

If you still have some energy and time to spend, why not consider exploring the neighboring regions? After all, you will be adding to your fun. Travel experts advise you to tour the nearby attractions for several reasons. E.g. it’s a good way to escape disturbances in the city and have some peace of mind. Likewise exploring the nearby regions gives the general concept of what the entire China looks like. Considering the fact that Shanghai is the main gateway to the amazing side of China, don’t focus on the CBD explorations only – go out to other areas. There are airports, railway stations, and super-fast buses so getting to the nearby regions should not bother you a lot. Try and explore regions such as Guangzhou, Guiyang, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guiling, etc.

6.Grab a Drink at Shanghai’s Nightclubs

After the busy day of exploration, you are now feeling tired and ready to take a rest. You may either take your dinner at any restaurant you wish and go to sleep. If you are not yet sleepy, there is a lot you can do, for instance, you can continue exploring the city (with its lights and ever-busy streets, it’s even beautiful at night) or you can go to the nightclubs to rewind the day as you enjoy your favorite drinks. If you don’t do drinks, worry not as there are other things to do in Shanghai’s nightclubs, E.g. You can dance or enjoy watching the live dance performed on the stage. Most of Shanghai’s nightclubs feature experienced DJs who will play your favorite hits as you request them.


Shanghai, China is the best place to be – whether you have hours, months, or even years to spend, you will never exhaust the city’s attractions. However, you will be proud that you were there and witnessed quite a bit! Book your flights to Shanghai now and get ready for its charming beauty!