The US is bound to be on your bucket list in some way, as so many people love the idea of travelling to the states. With Fifty states to choose from, you are in no doubt going to have some of the most popular locations there ready to explore in the near or not so distant future. It is liked that destinations like New York, Florida and Las Vegas will be high up there, however, there are some beautiful other destinations that are worth exploring and should no doubt be added to your USA Travel bucket list. 

There have been a lot of restrictions put in place in the last few months thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak and global pandemic that we have all faced. However, with things starting to ease up a little, with USA travel now a possible option for later this year, it might be time to start planning your destinations and trips and thinking long and hard about what and where you want to go. Many of us will agree that we took the ease of travel for granted in the past, and now more people have a fresh motivation to see the world and explore. With that in mind, here are some of the underestimated states that you will find in the USA that are worthy of being added to your bucket list and travel destinations for the future.


Texas is a large state in the South of the US, and is definitely an up and coming location to take a holiday or a break. There are so many incredible cities such as Austin, famed for its live music scene, Houston and Dallas. But one city that possibly doesn’t get enough coverage is San Antonio. This is a slow paced city rich with culture. You can find accomodation easily enough and there are plenty of different options because there is so much choice. One of the best things to do is take a walk along the canal, soak in the atmosphere in a riverside cafe and people watch. Finally heading to the market square for a mexican market and possibly some of the best Huevos Ranchero you have tasted.  Texas really is one of those states that you wouldn’t ordinarily add to your bucket list, but it definitely has a lot to offer and should be considered for a future trip. 


Missouri is a Midwestern state covered by grassy plains and forested areas. There is definitely much to see and do here, not to mention the great city of St. Louis which is on the Illinois border. You also have Kansas city on the border of Kansas and you will find some great nods to jazz music and an amazing live music scene. Missouri is another state in the USA travel list that would normally be one of the first you mention, but with casino and hotels that could rival Las Vegas, it is definitely a state that shouldn’t be underestimated and one to perhaps combine with a trip to Illinois and Chicago if you plan on taking in a few destinations. One to head to for sure. 


Colorado is a Western state that has a real diverse landscape. You have canyons and derelict deserts. You have rocky snow covered mountains which are part of the Rocky Mountain National Park. If you are not one for nature and hiking, then the city of Denver will have you captivated in many ways. Thanks to its collection of art exhibitions and amazing museums you really are spoilt for choice here. Colorado definitely is an exciting place to head to and one for the winter sports lovers among you. 




Heading South again and more East you will find the state of Kentucky. The state’s largest city is home to something you may have heard of, the Kentucky Derby. This is a horse racing festival that takes place on the first saturday in may, and proceeds to be a two week festival. The ideal time to visit. However, there is so much more to this place including the city of Frankfort. Kentucky is one to experience in the future. 


Finally, let’s head North for my last recommendation which is the state of Vermont. With thousands of acres of mountainous regions, there really is no place like it for those nature loes who enjoy hiking and seeing different places. But the city of Montpelier has also got some great things for you to see and do. 

Let’s hope that this has inspired you to consider some other locations in the USA travel list.