Do you know about  ? Well when I heard about their  “Go Ahead, be Cheap” campaign, I felt like they were talking to me! CheapOair is an online travel agency, based in New York city but does business all over the world. Isn’t all over the world where we want to travel?  Why deal with a travel website that is going to nickel and dime you when CheapOair is now recognized as the second largest seller of airline tickets in the United States. They must be doing something right! FYI – this post brought to you by CheapOAir.


Want to find a Wow Fare like ME?

I want to Visit California for my 2020 travel, so I took a whirl on CheapOAir to find a cheap flight. Boy did I feel smart! I love how the calendar shows the best day to travel smart with green amounts for travel deals. So I found a WOW Deal to go on dates I had not even thought about but they worked! Looks like I might be going to LA in February…anyone else? 


Where can you find cheap flights?

Unlike many other travel websites CheapOair is dedicated to air. They are “flight focused” and that is a huge part of your travel plans.  Other online travel agencies might offer flights, but their focus is hotel reservations which has a much higher margin for sale. That is not how CheapOair does business. They  spend their time finding new and better ways to serve their customers the highest quantity and quality of unique flight itineraries. Isn’t that the way you want your travel website to treat you? They have Fusion Fares technology which allows searches for multiple itineraries that feature multiple airlines that can result in a much lower cost per ticket. Their Fare Predictor offers a passenger to sign up for notifications regarding fluctuations in pricing for a chosen itinerary. We all love getting money back don’t we? 

How to save money on flights?


In addition to requested dates, search results on CheapOair will include money saving options for alternative travel dates. It is like having a personal guide give you more alternatives that are sometimes better. Will your friends do that kind of research for you…probably  not. These are just a few examples of the way CheapOair offers customers the best way to search and book the perfect travel itinerary.


Check out the CheapOAir blog for more tips! Want to know about their Secret Deals. If you sign up with CheapOair, they will send you emails on amazing deals that might be of special interest to you. That is a great way to decide where your next adventure might be!


Do you want a real person to help you?


Another CheapOair difference is their real agent travel specialists. Other Online Travel Agencies (otherwise known as OTA) want you to book online. CheapOair encourages you to pick up the phone and let one of our thousands of amazing travel specialists aid you in your travel search. CheapOair even offers special “phone only” deals – fares so low the airlines won’t let us advertise them online. That sounds like a reason to pick up the phone to me.


Want to travel cheap or smart? 


CheapOairCheapOair you see is really the smart way to travel. Smart is Cheap is their notion and they are sticking to it. Rather than cheap travel being a negative, cheapness is a strong virtue, allowing you to spend your money wisely, and stretch your travel experience dollars further. 


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“Go Ahead, Be Cheap”they say but do it smart. You have permission!


The “Look Who’s Cheap Now”link is below:


Write a story about an amazing deal you found by searching on International destinations, domestic destinations, anything that gave you a “Wow” reaction. For example, in searching on CheapOair on September 16, I was served a $208 round trip fare from Los Angeles to Shanghai. I’d call that a “Wow” fare!

Talk about our special Secret Deals. If you sign up with CheapOair, we will send you emails on amazing deals that might be of interest to you.

Write a story talking about the way talking to one of our travel agent specialists helped you create the perfect trip. Examples of the agent going the extra mile to provide you with options you might not even have thought of, helped you with a complex travel arrangement involving many people or multiple destinations, etc.  

All stories would of course be destination or experience focused, based on the influencers own experience.


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Where will CheapOAir take you in 2020?